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Now that you're gaining experience with the game and become more adept with your deck's strategy, let's take a moment and look at some alternatives to the campaign. Hex has many different modes and things to offer and it's time for us to explore one of those in The Frost Ring. The Frost Ring is an alternative PvE mode that does not use your campaign character. Instead, you can create a PvE deck with no Shard Grid requirements and select a Champion.

Exit the Campaign screen, and return to the main screen. Select the Collection icon in the main menu on the left


In the Collection screen, you'll see a screen very similar to the Card Manager in the campaign. For this example, simply go ahead and recreate the campaign deck that you've been using, since you will be familiar with it and it will give you the best chance of victory in the difficult Frost Ring. Once you have saved your deck, go ahead and return to the main menu. Once there - click on the Frost Ring Arena. This will take you into The Frost Ring arena. Click the deck you made from the dropdown and click Challenge.


The Frost Ring arena is a series of up to twenty battles against progressively harder opponents. Much like the campaign, each opponent will have special abilities and cards that you will need to overcome in order to get victory. Unlike the campaign, however, if you are defeated an encounter you will move onto the next encounter regardless. You can lose up to three matches before you are kicked out of the Frost Ring. Even if you are defeated, you will still earn rewards based on your performance which can include a wide variety of different things.


MAIN ARTICLE: The Frost Ring

Feel free to reference the above article to learn more about the Frost Ring. The scope of the Frost Ring is much too large to go into in this guide, but the above article will have information on encounters, rewards, and everything else you need to know. For now - go ahead and challenge your first encounter.

The encounters in the Frost Ring can be much more difficult then the encounters faced in the Campaign mode. You should expect to lose frequently until your deck starts to become much higher powered. However, the Frost Ring can still be a valuable source of gold and items to improve your deck.


Defeating encounters will earn you pouches of gold with increasing amounts of gold based on how far you get in the Frost Ring. Every 5 encounters, you will meet a boss encounter with a tougher then normal deck. Unlike regular encounters, these MUST be defeated in order to advance. Defeating boss encounters will earn you more gold as well as a random item which can be equipment, cards, or even more exotic things like Stardust. Much like booster packs, the rarity of these can vary being anything from uncommon all the way up to legendary. Some of the Frost Ring arena cards are quite good and would make excellent additions to your Campaign deck. You will also get bonus items if you are able to complete an entire tier of five battles without being defeated.


As you go through the Frost Ring, Hogarth the keeper of the Frost Ring will periodically appear to give you handicaps. While this will make the fights harder, the upside is that for each match where you overcome the handicap and win the match, you will get an extra loss stricken from your record. If you have no losses, then you will get a random buff for the next boss fight. Extra chances are always good, as you'll see from my next screenshot.


Thanks to some luck, I was actually able to get through the entire Frost Ring this time! Although I lost a total of four times going through the Frost Ring (Twice to the 2nd and 3rd bosses), I was able to overcome 3 handicap matches throughout the arena which gave me three extra chances. Thus, as far as the game is concerned, I only had one loss. To clear the Frost Ring arena all the way through early in the beginning of your Hex career is extremely rare, but it can be done. So for going through all of the arena, what is my reward?


A cool 7000 gold, and a slew of equipment! Although I was unlucky here and didn't get a single card to add to my collection, the 7000 gold more then makes up for this, as this will allow me to really upgrade my deck. The equipment I found here can also be sold or used if any of the equipment is relevant for any cards you are using. You'll also notice that I earned a Sleeve. Sleeves are cosmetic items that you can use to decorate the backs of your card. Although they have no gameplay effect, they are a cool way to show off your accomplishments to other players! Sleeves can be acquired from a variety of sources, including both the PvE campaign and PvP. They can be changed in the Deck Editor or Card Manager screens.


At this point, I have broken 10k gold. You may not have that much yet, and that's ok. You can reach that milestone by running the Frost Ring a few times or running some dungeons in the Campaign. Going forward, we're more interested in acquiring gold in order to start acquiring some of the rarer cards in the game to really help bolster our deck. In the next section we will look at a few ways to maximize our gold rate.


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