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The Auction House


The Auction House is a major section of the game where players can list, sell, and buy items. Cards, Booster Packs, and more can all be listed on the Auction House for a specified starting price and buyout. Players are able to specify which type of currency they would like to list for and the length of the auction.



The Auction House has three main tab sections. The Buy tab is where searching for any items takes place. Players can use the filters on the left side of the screen to filter what type of item they are looking for, while the filters next to the search bar filter the rarity, set, and other parameters of the searched item.

When a player is satisfied with the criteria specified, they can click the Search button and the results will be listed in the Listing below. Results can be sorted by clicking any of the columns at the top, including Name, Quantity, Time Left, and Minimum Bid. Clicking the same filter column twice will reverse the results listing. The arrow buttons on the bottom right of the screen are used to navigate each page of results. Finally, a player can select an auction and either bid using the field near the bottom of the screen, or buyout the listing for the specified price given by the seller.


The "My Bids" interface is similar to the Buy interface, with the only difference being a slight change to the filters. Players can filter the results by which cards they are the high bidder on versus which cards they have been outbid. Any applicable cards are listed in the results listing.


The final tab is the "My Listing" tab where players can see the status of auctions they have posted, as well as select new items to list up onto the auction house. When a player clicks the "Add" button, they are taken to their card collection screen where they can select the card they want to sell. Additionally, the Inventory Stash tab at the top of this screen allows players to select a non-card item to sell if that is their preference.

Once a card has been selected, the player will need to specify the type of currency desired as well as the duration of the auction and how many listings to make. Clicking Create Auction will list the auction and make it viewable for other players.

Other Information

  • When an auction completes, the auction house will take a cut of the final auction price equal to 5% of the cost.
  • While it may seem attractive to sell or trade to players directly through the mail system, you should only trade directly with trusted players as there is no way to guarantee they will honor their end of the trade.