Bloodspinner Zorath

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Set: Herofall
Race: Vennen
Class: Cleric
Health: 22
Threshold: Blood.png
Cost: 5
Basic.png Blood.pngBlood.png: Pay5.png → Summon a Dread Banner.




Dread Banner - "Tonight, we dine on orc flesh my sweetlings." - Zorath

Dread End - Jorgen, Zorath, and Shoku became known as the "Dreadcrafters"

Dread End AA - "Let them call for reinforcements. The larger the army, the greater the dread." - Zorath Bloodspinner

Dreadling - A trio of underworld geniuses collaborated to devise the Dreadlings: the shin'hare botanist Shoku, the dwarf technomancer Jorgen, and the vennen Bloodspinner Zorath.

Zorath's Rectory - "Shoku cultivates the shroomkin; Jorgen crafts the limbs; but I provide the lifeblood, an infusion of hatred toward the Ardent." -Bloodspinner Zorath