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Welcome to the New Player Guide!

This guide is an easy to read resource that walks a new player through starting the game, adventuring through the campaign, and earning enough gold to participate in your first Evolution Gauntlet tournament... completely without spending real money!

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 - The Beginning

1) Player Guide Introduction - Welcoming you and getting you to where you need to go.

2) Choosing a Race - This page will help you decide which Race your character should be.

3) Choosing a Class - This page will help you decide which Class your character should be.

4) Getting Started - Onwards to the first part of the tutorial, and into Crayburn Castle.

5) Cruising Through Crayburn - Taking out Crayburn Castle and reaching 2nd level.

CHAPTER 2 - Journey to the City

6) Upgrading Our Deck - We will spend our first talent point, add our new companion card, and update our deck.

7) Exploring The Wide World - We begin our adventure by taking a quest and earning a few cards.

8) Reaching the City - We earn another racial card, make our way to the first city, and turn in a quest.

9) Wheeling and Dealing - We take our hard-earned gold and make a foray to the Auction House, where we purchase a few staples from other players!

10) The Road to the Tranquil Dream - We continue on our journey, taking on a few more encounters and heading towards the first real dungeon - the Tranquil Dream.

CHAPTER 3 - The First Dungeon and Beyond

11) Dungeon Diving - We head into the Tranquil Dream and attempt to clear our first dungeon for fame, riches, and more!

12) Wanderlust - We wrap up a few side quests, and reach level 4!

13) Mythical Armies - Time to confront the Army of Myth and make some more upgrades to our deck.

14) Helping Our Allies - We pick up a new quest and head to Fort Romor! (Or the Bleak Citadel!)

CHAPTER 4 - Making a Name for Ourselves

15) A Summons from Hogarth - It's time to take a look at the Frost Ring arena and attempt to see how far we can get!

16) Accumulating Wealth - We look at ways to earn gold more quickly so that we can start to pick up cards, and we start working towards earning our first real booster pack!

17) Joining the Community - We take a quick gander at many of the resources and tools available and meet some people!

18) Deck Operations - We really start to look at deck synergy and what makes our decks "tick."

CHAPTER 5 - Escalating Danger

19) The Journey Resumes - We return to the campaign and start to head towards the third dungeon - The Tomb of the Rose Knights!

20) Trudging Towards the Summit - We finish the journey and arrive at the entrance to the Tomb of the Rose Knights

21) Fiery Dangers - We descend into the Tomb - and encounter our hardest challenge thus far. Will we succeed?

22) Singed But Alive - After a vicious boss fight, we are victorious. We return home and make more deck upgrades.

CHAPTER 6 - Howling Plains Conclusion

19) The Path to Devonshire - It's time to head towards the final and most difficult dungeon of Adventure Zone 1, Devonshire Keep!

20) Into the Inferno - We prepare our deck to handle Devonshire Keep and head in.

21) Victory is Near - The second half of Devonshire Keep and subsequent victory!

22) You Call That a Challenge - We take a look at the final collection of challenge encounters in Adventure Zone 1.

CHAPTER 7 - Moving On

23) Im on a Boat - We take stock of our talents, make a few deck adjustments, and sail to Adventure Zone 2!

24) Brutes and Buffoons - We explore Brutecrown Bluff and conquer the king of gnolls!

25) Swords for Hire - We travel along the Alachian Coastline and unlock our first mercenary slot.

26) Come Hell or High Water - We continue our march towards the sleepy village of Portsmeare.