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The embodiment of faith and spiritual prowess, the clerics of Entrath take many forms. The coyotle cleric is part shaman and part medicine man, while the vennen cleric is a devoted fanatic of the Spider Mother. Finally, the sinister necrotic clerics constantly search for dead humans to “awaken” using surgery and Hexing Gems.

Keystone Ability: Pray - You shuffle two "Prayer" cards into your deck that have a variety of effects depending on your race. Prayers can heal you, draw you a card, give you resources, or do another effects.


  • Very Durable - Start with at least 22 health, and can get upwards of 30+ health with talents.
  • Great for Beginners - Durable health total combined with a seven card hand is perfect for beginners learning the game.
  • Wide Variety of Talents - From boosting your ability to recover health to buffing all of your troops, Clerics have a versatile toolset of talents available.
  • Defensive Mindset - Good for players who like to play slower decks with a plan.


  • Low Impact Charge Power - Compared to the Mage and Warrior abilities, the Cleric Pray ability is arguably the least impactful of the abilities.
  • Slower-Paced - Clerics are generally slower paced compared to other classes, relying on winning through a war of attrition rather then destroying or controlling an opponent.

Necrotic Cleric

Necrotic clerics are in charge of creating new necrotic. The constantly search for dead humans to “awaken” using surgery and installing Hexing Gems into the eye sockets.


Necrotic clerics combine a large amount of starting health with the very handy bonus of getting Armor 1. With access to a wide variety of shards, Necrotic Clerics have access to many different strategies while simultaneously having enough survivability to ensure whatever plan they hatch comes to fruition.

Human Cleric

Human clerics are dedicated to destroying undead, a job made infinitely more complicated with the arrival of the meteor Hex and the emergence of the necrotic.


Human Clerics are graced with many of the more martial clerics which synergize well with several of their talents. With access to a wide variety of different troops who work well with a defensive play-style, human clerics tend to have troops that grow out of control quickly.

Coyotle Cleric


Coyotle Clerics have access to the best health gain spells in the game, making them excellent candidates to abuse many of the lifegain-oriented troops in the game. In addition, they have a heavy focus on playing defensively while simultaneously drawing many cards. Coyotle clerics win through attrition and outlasting their opponents.

Dwarf Cleric

With their beliefs rooted in the idea of a great golem that lives at the center of the planet and controls everything that happens, dwarf clerics are deeply connected to the idea of machine supremacy.


Dwarven clerics are durable in their own right, but have the unique focus of being able to start with multiple artifacts or constants in play. This allows them to quickly use cards that rely on artifacts much more quickly then they normally would. In addition, their Blessing Rod bonus lets them constantly fill their deck with more blessings to continually heal.

Orc Cleric

The religious zealotry of an orc cleric can fuel a blood rage or incite one in an ally.


Foregoing some of the health gain from their blessings, orc clerics are more of a hybrid type of class which tries to set up vicious rage troops while taking advantage of many of the war-like cleric talents. Less aggressive then their warrior or mage counterparts, Orcish clerics trade some power for increased survivability.

Shin'hare Cleric

Shin'hare clerics serve as field generals, directing the hordes of militia shock troops in battle.


Shin'hare clerics are tenacious and able to survive many grim situations simply by being able to create endless numbers of troops. Starting with an impressive 25 health, shin'hare clerics are able to produce many troops quickly and use these troops to fuel their plans.

Elf Cleric

The living embodiment of Wild Magic, elf clerics are the most feral of their kind, and even take on a satyr-like appearance.


The Elf Cleric is the most durable character in the game, able to start with a whopping 36 health. This huge starting health pool is helpful in giving them time to ramp into their most powerful troops and survive the early aggressive opponents. With their blessings giving them yet more resources, Elven clerics have a heavy focus on playing gargantuan troops and powerful spells.

Vennen Cleric


Vennen Clerics are well-suited for the slow-playstyle of the Vennen, giving them the survivibility needed to help them ensure their spiders have time to hatch. Additionally, they focus on filling their deck up with blessings while simultaneously using these blessings to give their opponents even more eggs. Vennen Clerics typically play slower decks, relying on their survivability to help them survive to the end-game.