Cosmic Coins

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The Cosmic Coins are a currency launched on the 15th May 2018 with the Currencies Patch.

Obtaining Cosmic Coins

Cosmic Coins are earned through winning games while cosmic in the Ladder. You will get a varying number of Coins depending on your winstreak:

  • 1st Win - 10Cosmiccoin.png
  • 2nd Win - 15Cosmiccoin.png
  • 3rd Win - 20Cosmiccoin.png
  • 4th Win - 25Cosmiccoin.png
  • 5th Win - 35Cosmiccoin.png
  • 6th Win - 45Cosmiccoin.png
  • 7th Win - 60Cosmiccoin.png
  • 8th Win - 75Cosmiccoin.png
  • 9th Win - 90Cosmiccoin.png
  • 10+ Wins - 110Cosmiccoin.png

Spending Cosmic Coins

You can see how many coins you have in the Store and spend the coins in the Prize Exchange also in the Store. The items available to purchase are:

Item Type Cosmiccoin.png Price
Great Machine Graveyard Battleboard Battleboard 5,000Cosmiccoin.png
Blood Coin Coin 1,200Cosmiccoin.png
Diamond Coin Coin 1,200Cosmiccoin.png
Ruby Coin Coin 1,200Cosmiccoin.png
Sapphire Coin Coin 1,200Cosmiccoin.png
Wild Coin Coin 1,200Cosmiccoin.png
Cosmic Coin Pack Pack 100Cosmiccoin.png