Cruising Through Crayburn

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It's time to continue through Castle Crayburn. Go ahead and travel to the next node, the Castle Gatehouse, and you'll be confronted by an opponent that varies depending on the race you chose for your champion.


You'll notice that each opponent has their own special abilities and powers they can use against you. Understanding and forming a strategy to counter an opponent is an important part of Hex. Go ahead and engage your encounter in battle.

TIP: You do not always need to block every troop that attacks you. You can generally afford to take some early hits. You should only try to block an opponent's troops when you need to stay alive or when you can safely kill their attacking troop.

IMPORTANT: Losing an encounter in a dungeon only costs you time. You can retry to beat the encounters as many times as you wish.


After you have defeated your opponent, you will earn some more experience and gold. Read the dialogue and progress to the next node. Your companion will engage you in more conversation, offering up information about the main conflict between your champion's race and it's rival race. Read the dialogue at your leisure and continue towards the Tower Gatehouse to be confronted by yet another opponent. Go ahead and take them on!


TIP: Don't forget to use your champion's Charge power. This is located on the bottom left of the screen next to the portrait of your character and will flash once you have accumulated enough charges to use it. Careful use of this ability can be the key between victory and defeat, so make smart use of it!

TIP: It is important to carefully check your starting hand. Keeping a hand with 6 resources and a troop that costs six resources will leave you at the mercy of your draws. A good hand is one that contains a couple of resources and healthy mix of cards that can be played without relying on drawing a card. Carefully decide if you want to keep your hand before choosing to do so. Remember, you get one free mulligan per encounter in the campaign, so use it wisely!

Example of a good starting hand - This hand contains enough resources to play the cards in hand, it has both Wild (Green) and Blood (Purple) shards to play both types of cards, and it has a good mix of both troops and actions.

Once you have defeated your opponent, you will find yourself at the final node of Castle Crayburn. The final node in each dungeon contains a Boss, so be prepared for a tougher then normal battle. Head to the final node, and you'll be confronted by a stronger racial enemy. Read through the dialogue and prepare for a tougher fight.


TIP: Remember that you can block a tougher enemy troop with two different smaller troops. Those two troops will work together to destroy the troop.

TIP: Even the best players lose the occasional game. Even if you lose the encounter, don't get discouraged. Hex has many factors and luck is certainly one of them. Learning to rebound and overcome the challenge is part of mastering Hex.


Use your cards and abilities to their full potential and you will eventually prevail against your opponent. Having done so, you will be presented with a few more lines of story from your companion before you are sent back to the city. When you arrive at the city, seek out the quest giver and report in. You will be commended for your success and given a reward for completing the quest. In addition, you will be given enough experience to reach level 2. Congratulations!


In addition to the experience, you'll notice that you have been given a Castle Crayburn booster pack reward. These booster packs are the main way to expand your collection. Go ahead and click the Open button to open it and see what you got! You will receive 4 common cards (Names are written in white) and one rare card - It's your companion from Castle Crayburn! You can right-click on these cards to view a larger image of them and see what they do. Your companion card is a powerful card, so we will want to add that to your deck as soon as possible. For now, click the continue button to return to the dialogue. You will be given a new assignment - to explore the wide world and hunt out more fallen gems. Go ahead and select the dialog option that you are ready to go and you will find yourself out of the starting area!

Congratulations, you have cleared the tutorial! The next part of the walkthrough will help you select your first talent point, add some cards to your deck, and introduce some basic concepts.


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