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The time has come to head to our first dungeon, the Tranquil Dream! This dungeon consists of a series of battles. During the dungeon, you are unable to change your deck or edit your talents while progressing through it, so make sure you are prepared by spending your talent point and making any adjustments to your deck. When you feel you are ready, go ahead and move your character to the Indigo River Bend.


Inside the tent, you'll find yourself quickly succumbing to the Coyotle's smoke and you'll enter into unconsciousness... your spirit will float among the Tranquil Dream. Inside the dream, you'll be greeted by Sister Midnight, one of the guardians of the tranquil dream. Eventually, the dialog will end and you'll have your choice of five different paths to take. Each path leads to a different encounter with different dialog.


MAIN ARTICLE: Indigo Riverbend

For more information on each individual encounter, reference the above article which contains a list of each encounter.

TIP: The Tranquil Dream dungeon changes based on the order in which you do the encounters and the responses you give to the dialog choices. If you find yourself having trouble with an encounter, try doing it in a different order.

TIP: Remember - you have as many tries as you need to clear a dungeon.

This guide will not detail each encounter. If you need help, use the above link to get more information on the dungeon and generalized strategies to beat each encounter.


Fight through the dungeon, using all the skills you have learned up to this point, and you should arrive at the boss - Sister Midnight! Engage in your typical banter and you will end up fighting her. Sister Midnight is the last encounter in the dream, so throw everything you have at her!


Once you have defeated Sister Midnight, you will be rewarded with a Tranquil Dream Booster Pack which contains a few cards, but also a few cards that can only be gained after clearing this dungeon. I recommend opening the pack to continue expanding your collection.


After you finish your last few lines of dialogue, you will find yourself on the world map once more. Your quest to travel to the Tranquil Dream should now be complete! Head back to the Cave-In or Ambling Mesa to turn in the quest and earn yourself a nice chunk of gold, experience, and a second bonus Tranquil Dream pack to open! Afterwards, you will notice that a new character has shown up: Myaa! Speak to her and you will end up with the Army of Myth quest. This quest tasks you with finding and defeating the Army of Myth encounter which is located somewhere on the world map.

You also gain access to a new side-quest in the form of yet another visitor to the city: Vincent the Gnome. Speak with him and he'll give you the Gnomes Come Home quest. This optional side-quest leads to the very dangerous Wormoid desert, so we will hold off on doing this quest for now.

You should now have a healthy amount of quests in your quest log. Our next section will be wrapping up a few of these as well as preparing for the Army of Myth!

TIP: Dungeons can be repeated for the same rewards. If you are feeling aptly challenged and would like to continue earning gold and experience, feel free to head right back into the Tranquil Dream. A clear of the dungeon can net you 750 gold and over 1000 experience, making it a great place to earn rewards compared to repeating the less profitable world map encounters.

TIP: Dungeon Booster Packs contain cards that can only be found in that dungeon by opening the packs. Some of the Rare and Legendary cards found in these dungeons can be truly powerful. They also command a decent sum on the auction house for aspiring collectors and deck builders. Thus, selling the rarer cards you won't use can be profitable towards earning gold.

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