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Dwarves artwork.png

"Knowledge is power, and power is destroying everything that exists." - Research Librarian

Racial Abilities

These abilities are available in Campaign.

  • Friend of Jank Bot - Dwarves start with an extra 2 charges if their deck contains 150 cards or more.
  • Stone Body - Dwarves have Armor 1. (Absorbs the first point of damage taken every turn.)
  • Master Artificier - [Level 15 Required] - At the start of the game, create a random artifact and put it into the dwarf player's hand. The dwarf player has +1 Maximum Hand Size.

Shard Alignment

Dwarf shardgrid.png


Dwarf Warrior

Dwarven Warriors are brawlers using Sapphire and Ruby shards to disrupt their opponents. With their armored body and mechanical weaponry, they tend to favor disruptive tactics to thwart enemy plans while hatching artifact plans of their own.

Dwarf Cleric

Dwarven clerics are durable in their own right, but have the unique focus of being able to start with multiple artifacts or constants in play. This allows them to quickly use cards that rely on artifacts much more quickly then they normally would. In addition, their Blessing Rod bonus lets them constantly fill their deck with more blessings to continually heal.

Dwarf Mage

A bit more durable then other mages thanks to their bonus armor racial ability, Dwarven mages focus on always having an action thanks to their inherent shards of ruby and sapphire. Their racial spell allows them to transform a troop into a random artifact which can be used both defensively or offensively.

Dwarf Ranger

Dwarves don't do anything small, so it should come as no surprise that the dwarven ranged weapon of choice is a rocket launcher. Utilizing the ruby and sapphire shards with more then a few explosions, they are well suited towards a more shoot-em-up, blow-em-up style of gameplay. Eschewing creatures of flesh and blood for the robots they love, dwarven rangers prefer the companionship of their robot creations. The racial pet for dwarves is the Robot Dog, an artifact robot troop that has Steadfast.


Small and Chaotic, the dwarves will build, tinker and create anything that serves their ultimate goal - anarchy and destruction.

Dwarves Starter Deck

The Dwarves starter deck gives you Ruby and Sapphire dwarves with a heavy dose of Artifacts and robots. This deck relies heavily on the synergies making this one of the hardest starter decks to master. However, once you have got past the steep learning curve, the dwarf starter deck is one of the strongest and most fun to play.

Champion: Bertram Cragraven

Amount Card Name Rarity
3 Charge Bot Common
3 Bombsmith Common
3 Researcher Adept Common
3 Cavern Commando Common
3 Pterobot Common
3 Sappers Charge Common
3 Construction Plans: War Hulk Common
3 Oracle Song Common
2 War Machinist Uncommon
2 Technical Genius Uncommon
2 Research Librarian Uncommon
2 Experimental War Hulk Uncommon
1 Master Theorycrafter Rare
1 Droo's Colossal Walker Rare
1 Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine Rare

Unique and Notable Dwarves

Dwarven Keywords and Specialities

The dwarves do not have a unique keyword so far, however they two specialities.

  • Firstly, shared with the Shin'Hare, they make good use of the keyword Tunneling.
  • Secondly, they have a huge amount of Synergies with Robots, Artifacts and Construction Plans.

Construction Plans

These are Artifacts that work in tandem with Robots and Dwarves.

In order to use one of these cards, you need to exhaust a ready Dwarf or Robot, this will add a counter to the Construction Plans. Once the required counters have been reached, the Construction Plan will transform into the specified card.