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Back on the World Map, you'll notice that there is a single node in a sea of darkness. That's because the world will begin to get explored as you travel around to different nodes. Go ahead and travel to the North Feralroot Woods. Here, you'll meet Belarius or Takumi who will spend some talking with you. Eventually, they will bring up the topic of catching untamed beasts and give you the Tamed quest which tasks you with catching a variety of different creatures.

In fact, your very first one lies ahead in the Dunnwood, so go ahead and travel to the next node and confront the Feralroot Bear.


ENCOUNTER: Feralroot Bear

TIP: If you are having trouble with a given encounter, click the link above to travel to a breakdown of the above deck with the opponent's decklist and some tips for defeating it.

You'll notice that you start with a Taming Sphere in play for this encounter. That's because this encounter has an untamed beast you can catch! If you successfully catch it using the taming sphere, not only do you finish that portion of the Tamed quest, but you also get to add it to your collection! Nifty! The untamed troop that you will encounter here is the Dire Toad. When you see it on the board, make sure you remember to use your sphere on it to tame it.

TIP: The Taming Sphere costs a hefty investment of resources, so make sure you can afford to spend your resources for the turn on catching it.

TIP: You can only catch one Dire Toad per encounter, so don't bother spending time trying to catch a ton of them.


Once you have bested the Feralroot Bear, you'll earn your usual Experience and Gold, but also a Dire Toad card if you managed to catch it. Note, that you can repeat the Feralroot Bear encounter as many times as you'd like, and you have the opportunity to catch more Dire Toads if you so desire. Once you are ready to continue take a look at the World Map. Note that the path here splits into two. Travel to Sporemist Hollow, which looks like a Mushroom House.


This structure is known as a Shroomkin Haus, and it gives you the opportunity to add a free card to your collection! You will have your choice of three cards to choose from to add to your collection, and which one you choose is up to you.


Take the opportunity now to add the card to your deck now if you so choose, as well as the Dire Toad caught earlier if you use Wild cards. After saving your deck, return to the Map screen and take the other path to The Road of Oaks.

Here, you'll meet a Gaal named Milosh who offers to read your fortune in exchange for 100 gold. If you are struggling with the encounters and feel like you could use a boost, feel free to have your fortune read to receive a random bonus to your next battle, but I declined his offer in the interest of saving my gold. The choice is up to you.


After you finish up with Milosh, the path forks again to the southwest and south. The Sutherland to the west has a flag which means we have a quest here. Let's travel there first. Here, you will be confronted by the dreaded Cockatwice! You'll note that this encounter is another objective for your Tamed quest, so keep that in mind as you face the encounter. The Untamed creature you need at this node is the Chickatwice.


ENCOUNTER: Cockatwice

TIP: The Cockatwice encounter can be difficult, especially for the low health mage. There is no penalty for losing a game while on the World Map, so don't be afraid to try again if you happen to lose your match.

TIP: Remember, you can repeat encounters if you'd like, so if you like the Chickatwice card, you can repeat the encounter until you have as many as you'd like. Note, that you are still restricted by your Shard Grid, so most races can only use up to two of them until they increase their level.

After you're done beating up the Cockatwice and stealing her children, you'll be presented with the usual Gold and Experience as well as a Chickatwice card if you caught it... but wait, what's that last item in the list?


As a bonus reward for defeating the Cockatwice, you have earned your first Socketed card! These are a special type of card that have the ability to be socketed with a gem to boost their capabilities. Let's check them out. Go ahead and navigate to the Card Manager screen to view your deck once more. Once you are there, find your new Effigy of Nulzann card and add it to your deck. Once you have done so, go ahead and right-click the card to view it.


You'll notice that in addition to the card, there is also a new Gem Socketing menu on the right side. This allows you to choose a gem to socket into the card, thereby boosting it's abilities. There are two types of gems, Major Gems and Minor gems which can be socketed into cards, but it requires an appropriate socket type on the card. Effigy of Nulzann is a Socketable Minor card, so only minor gems can be socketed into it. Another thing to keep in mind is that each gem has a Threshold requirement. This means that you need to have the required shard color in order to use it. You do not gain the effect of a Ruby gem unless you have Ruby threshold, for example. Go ahead and choose a gem that matches your colors that you like and left click it. This will add the gem to your troop. For my particular Effigy, i have chosen an Minor Blood ORB OF DECEPTION gem which will make it into a 3/3 troop when I sacrifice a troop. There are a wide variety of different gems in Hex. Mix and match what you like best to find the best synergies for your deck!


After you have socketed your card and finished up, return back to the world map. You'll notice that you now have even more choices to travel to. Let's travel north to the Sylvan Peninsula. Here you'll encounter a weird creature known as Snoodley who is under attack by a wandering abomination. Time to get back to work!


ENCOUNTER: Wandering Abomination

TIP: This encounter has a special victory condition as specified in the dialog. You must defeat him before he can squash three pumpkins. Since this requires 4 charges per pumpkin and he only gets charges from playing resources, you must defeat him before he reaches 12 resources.

TIP: It is generally considered to be advantageous to choose to go first in most encounters. This allow you to have a speed advantage compared to your opponent and be the first to play your stronger cards. If you choose to go second, you are the first to draw a card. Different situations can call for different strategies, so plan accordingly. Since you are on a time limit here, it is ideal to choose to go first if you win the coin toss.

Defeating the Wandering Abomination earns you another pack of cards, which you should choose to open. Adventure Zone packs will grant you two random commons, a PvE card of varying rarity, and typically two pieces of equipment. Note, that you may not necessarily get cards that match with your particular deck. Even if this is the case, these cards are added to your collection to be used later should you choose to make a different character or deck that can later utilize them.


TIP: There are four types of rarity in Hex. Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. Common and Uncommon cards typically have simpler effects or a more general purpose, while Rare and Legendary cards are typically more exotic and have dramatic effects. Legendary cards are fairly hard to get, so count yourself lucky if you manage to snag one!

Sadly in this instance I got three cards I cannot use, so I did not make any upgrades here. If you got lucky and got a card that you think slots well into your deck, feel free to pull open your Card Manager and make changes to your deck!

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