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Fusion is a keyword mechanic introduced with the Set 9: Doombringer set.

Fusion works different from almost any power we’ve created since HEX’s inception. In fact, it has far more in common with Sockets than it does with keywords like Shift or Mobilize.

During deckbuilding, players can take two troops with Fusion and combine them into one troop… permanently!

The new troop will have all the combined cost, thresholds, attack, defense, and powers of the two combined troops. Crazy awesome, right? Words don’t quite do it justice, so I think it may be easier to show you than try to explain exactly how this works:

Once you’ve fused the troop, you can put your new creation directly into your deck, whether it’s for Standard, Frost Ring Arena, or Limited events. Of course, when it comes to limited you will have to have drafted or opened both halves of your Fusion cards to build your new troop.

The Fusion results are called Ender Terminus.

List of Fusion combinations

Apocalyte 1 Apocalyte 2 Resulting Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Bloodleech Apocalyte Bloodleech Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Noxsting Apocalyte Bloodsting Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Gravebone Apocalyte Bloodbone Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Noxsting Apocalyte Noxsting Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Gravebone Apocalyte Noxbone Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Gravebone Apocalyte Gravebone Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Ironshell Apocalyte Bloodshell Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Ironshell Apocalyte Noxshell Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Brightsteed Apocalyte Bloodsteed Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Ironshell Apocalyte Graveshell Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Brightsteed Apocalyte Noxsteed Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Echotwin Apocalyte Bloodtwin Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Brightsteed Apocalyte Gravesteed Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Echotwin Apocalyte Noxtwin Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Echotwin Apocalyte Gravetwin Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Bloodmaw Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Fleetfoot Apocalyte Bloodfoot Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Noxmaw Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Gravemaw Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Noxsting Apocalyte Fleetsting Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Goretusk Apocalyte Bloodtusk Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Gravebone Apocalyte Fleetbone Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Goretusk Apocalyte Noxtusk Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Goretusk Apocalyte Gravetusk Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Bloodwing Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Stormsight Apocalyte Bloodsight Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Noxwing Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Bloodcloak Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Noxsting Apocalyte Stormsting Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Gravewing Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Gravebone Apocalyte Stormbone Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Noxcloak Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Gravecloak Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Bloodtongue Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Trollstench Apocalyte Bloodstench Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Noxtongue Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Gravetongue Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Trollstench Apocalyte Noxstench Terminus
Bloodleech Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Bloodclaw Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Trollstench Apocalyte Gravestench Terminus
Noxsting Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Noxclaw Terminus
Gravebone Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Graveclaw Terminus
Ironshell Apocalyte Ironshell Apocalyte Ironshell Terminus
Ironshell Apocalyte Brightsteed Apocalyte Ironsteed Terminus
Brightsteed Apocalyte Brightsteed Apocalyte Brightsteed Terminus
Ironshell Apocalyte Echotwin Apocalyte Irontwin Terminus
Echotwin Apocalyte Brightsteed Apocalyte Echosteed Terminus
Echotwin Apocalyte Echotwin Apocalyte Echotwin Terminus
Ironshell Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Ironmaw Terminus
Brightsteed Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Brightmaw Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Ironshell Apocalyte Fleetshell Terminus
Echotwin Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Echomaw Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Brightsteed Apocalyte Fleetsteed Terminus
Ironshell Apocalyte Goretusk Apocalyte Irontusk Terminus
Brightsteed Apocalyte Goretusk Apocalyte Brighttusk Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Echotwin Apocalyte Fleettwin Terminus
Echotwin Apocalyte Goretusk Apocalyte Echotusk Terminus
Ironshell Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Ironwing Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Ironshell Apocalyte Stormshell Terminus
Brightsteed Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Brightwing Terminus
Ironshell Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Ironcloak Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Brightsteed Apocalyte Stormsteed Terminus
Echotwin Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Echowing Terminus
Brightsteed Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Brightcloak Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Echotwin Apocalyte Stormtwin Terminus
Echotwin Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Echocloak Terminus
Ironshell Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Irontongue Terminus
Brightsteed Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Brighttongue Terminus
Ironshell Apocalyte Trollstench Apocalyte Ironstench Terminus
Brightsteed Apocalyte Trollstench Apocalyte Brightstench Terminus
Echotwin Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Echotongue Terminus
Ironshell Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Ironclaw Terminus
Echotwin Apocalyte Trollstench Apocalyte Echostench Terminus
Brightsteed Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Brightclaw Terminus
Echotwin Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Echoclaw Terminus
Frothmaw Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Frothmaw Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Fleetmaw Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Fleetfoot Apocalyte Fleetfoot Terminus
Goretusk Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Goremaw Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Goretusk Apocalyte Fleettusk Terminus
Goretusk Apocalyte Goretusk Apocalyte Goretusk Terminus
Frothmaw Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Frothwing Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Stormmaw Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Fleetwing Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Fleetfoot Apocalyte Stormfoot Terminus
Mistcloak Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Mistmaw Terminus
Goretusk Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Gorewing Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Fleetcloak Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Goretusk Apocalyte Stormtusk Terminus
Goretusk Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Gorecloak Terminus
Frothmaw Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Frothtongue Terminus
Trollstench Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Trollmaw Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Fleettongue Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Trollstench Apocalyte Fleetstench Terminus
Goretusk Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Goretongue Terminus
Ripclaw Apocalyte Frothmaw Apocalyte Ripmaw Terminus
Trollstench Apocalyte Goretusk Apocalyte Trolltusk Terminus
Fleetfoot Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Fleetclaw Terminus
Goretusk Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Goreclaw Terminus
Skywing Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Skywing Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Stormwing Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Stormsight Apocalyte Stormsight Terminus
Mistcloak Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Mistwing Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Stormcloak Terminus
Mistcloak Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Mistcloak Terminus
Vinetongue Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Vinewing Terminus
Trollstench Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Trollwing Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Stormtongue Terminus
Mistcloak Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Misttongue Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Trollstench Apocalyte Stormstench Terminus
Trollstench Apocalyte Mistcloak Apocalyte Trollcloak Terminus
Ripclaw Apocalyte Skywing Apocalyte Ripwing Terminus
Stormsight Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Stormclaw Terminus
Mistcloak Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Mistclaw Terminus
Vinetongue Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Vinetongue Terminus
Trollstench Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Trolltongue Terminus
Trollstench Apocalyte Trollstench Apocalyte Trollstench Terminus
Ripclaw Apocalyte Vinetongue Apocalyte Riptongue Terminus
Trollstench Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Trollclaw Terminus
Ripclaw Apocalyte Ripclaw Apocalyte Ripclaw Terminus