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Once you've selected your Race and Class, choose a name for your character and you're ready to begin! For the purposes of this walkthrough, I'll be playing a Shinhare Cleric. Once your character is created, you will find yourself in the starting city for your race. Read through the first few lines of dialogue and you'll be presented with the city screen.


You can click and drag to look around the panorama of the city. Go ahead and look for the character you needed to find, or you can simply click the button in the middle of the screen to immediately center your screen on the character. Click on the portrait of the character (in my case, it is Sora), and after a few lines of dialogue, you will be presented with your first battle!


Go ahead and accept the battle and begin your first game! Your first opponent uses fairly low power cards, with a very simple deck and low health total. Use this battle as an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with how the game is played. There is no time limit, so spend as much time as you need to read your cards and experiment with what they do. Do not worry if you lose this first match - you can retry as many times as necessary.


TIP: Remember, you need Shards to gain Resources to play your cards. If your starting hand has too many (or too few), you can choose to take a Mulligan which will redraw your hand. You can take as many mulligans as needed, but every time you mulligan after the first will cause you to start with one less card.

TIP: To win the game, you need to reduce your opponent's health total to 0. Use your troops to attack your opponent.


After defeating your opponent, you will earn Experience and Gold. We'll worry about these later. For now, read the last few lines of dialogue and report back to the first character you spoke with. You'll now see that this person has an exclamation point over their head. This means that this character has a quest for you. Go ahead and speak with them and you'll learn that a piece of the meteor, Hex, has been discovered in a nearby abandoned castle, Castle Crayburn. Your first quest will be to travel to Castle Crayburn and acquire the fallen sapphire. Go ahead and finish the dialogue and you'll find yourself sent to Castle Crayburn. Finish speaking with your companion and you'll see yourself at the Castle Crayburn dungeon map.


Castle Crayburn is a dungeon. In Hex, dungeons are special locations that comprised of a series of challenges. They are navigated via the Dungeon Map, which is the screen you are looking at right now. Each location is marked with a small oval and can be investigated by single clicking it. You can travel to each location by either double-clicking the node or clicking the "Travel" button on the description pane. Go ahead and navigate to The Drawbridge node. You'll notice that after reaching the drawbridge, an additional path is revealed. You will need to go from node to node to progress through and complete the dungeon.

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