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Gold Gold.png is the non-premium currency of Hex: Shards of Fate. It can be acquired in Campaign, Frost Ring Arena and from Ladder Rewards.

Gold can be used to buy items from the ingame store, such as Howling Plains Packs, Alachian Sea Packs or Kismet's Reserve Packs.

Moreover, Gold is required for spinning Chests.

Therefore, Gold is required by any player and thus can also be traded with other players for the premium currency Plat.png Platinum at a player-driven rate, which is approximately Gold.png 200 : Plat.png 1


Gold is the free-to-play currency used in Hex. It is primarily used to spin Treasure Chests and purchase Stardust, but has other in-game uses such as being used in the Campaign at certain intervals. Gold can also be used to purchase things on the Auction House from other players, such as Cards or Booster packs. It can also be used to purchase items such as PvE boosters in the Chark Mart. Gold is generally earned in the PvE content of Hex such as the PvE Campaign or The Frost Ring. It can also be gained when matching gold symbols on the Wheels of Fate. As gold has real-world value, it should be spent wisely.

Cost of Various Items

Gold can be used to purchase the following items:

  • Common Stardust - Gold.png 1000
  • Uncommon Stardust - Gold.png 2000
  • Rare Stardust - Gold.png 4000
  • Legendary Stardust - Gold.png 10000
  • Promo Stardust - Gold.png 25000

It can also be used to spin the following chests on the Wheels of Fate:

  • Spin a Common Chest - Gold.png 1200
  • Spin an Uncommon Chest - Gold.png 3200
  • Spin a Rare Chest - Gold.png 8500
  • Spin a Legendary Chest - Gold.png 30000

Furthermore, it can be used to buy the following items from the ingame store: