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Welcome to the Hex Compendium!

This project is the re-birth of the old Hex4Newbies Wiki and has been made possible by a dedicated group of Hex Shards of Fate enthusiast who work round the clock to provide you with an up to date encyclopedia of everything Hex related!

A new Start as Hex Compendium

After Gameforge and HexEnt went their own ways, a push was made to bring the development of the wiki to newer and greater levels. With that came two important changes. Firstly, Team Clockwork merged their already excellent PvE Compendium with us, and secondly came the rebrand from Hex4Newbies to Hex Compendium!

We are now a dedicated team of that constantly work to provide the Hex Shards of Fate community with an up-to-date and awesome Wiki!

Anyone may join us by creating an account and working on the wiki. We do recommend that you also check out our announcement post on the official Hex Shards of Fate forums.

Also, join us on Discord to talk with the rest of the team about your ideas for the wiki!

The Original Wiki

The original Wiki was based on an idea between Darkfall (formally from Gameforge, now Lucifer) LixilKae and Vayus. As the existing Hex Wikis were out of date or abandoned, the three worked together to start a new one that would be maintained directly by the community.

Special thanks can be given to the original pioneers of the Wiki:

  • Nollfem for creating the famous Unofficial Rulebook
  • Tadaaki for helping to upload and complete the Set 1 database
  • Ristarrel for helping start up the Champion pages
  • King Gabriel for firing up the lore pages.
  • Largashbur for helping us ensure that the wiki never dies.
  • Reeplay for the insane amount of content creation.
  • Fred for creating the excellent deck viewer.