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So, you've decided to join the Wiki to help build it up? Then you've taken the first step to becoming truly awesome!

A Wiki is a great place where players that know a lot about the game can contribute to helping teach the new players.

Useful tips

This wiki has quite a few extras that will help make like easier.


We've got a special table class "hex" - used by using:


This will give you a table that looks like this:

This is the Hex class We hope you like it
It works nicely with the background Thanks to Quinn

Shards and Icons

Instead of using the image code to add in the small pictures you an use an icon tag.

For example, Blood shard:

Blood.png {{Icon|Blood}}

Dia.png {{Icon|Diamond}}

Ruby.png {{Icon|Ruby}}

Saph.png {{Icon|Sapphire}}

Wild.png {{Icon|Wild}}

Defence.png [[File:Defence.png|17px]]

Attack.png [[File:Attack.png|17px]]

→ & rarr; (without space between & and r)

Exhaust.png [[File:exhaust.png|20px]]

Basic.png [[File:Basic.png]]

1shot.png [[File:1shot.png]]

You may use the normal image tag: [[File:Blood.png]] or you may use a simplified Icon tag {{Icon|Blood}}