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This is a keyword power that artifacts, constants and troops can have. It means that the card cannot be damaged or destroyed.

Unicorns.png VS Calamity.png

This unicorn would ignore all damage dealt by the Walking Calamity in combat, it would not take damage from the Calamity's effect if the Calamity were to die, and since the unicorn absorbs all damage dealt to it, no damage would rollover from the Walking Calamity's Crush.

Rule Clarifications

  • Troops with Invincible can still be sent to the Void, making Voiding them one of the only ways to deal with an invincible troop.
  • Troops with Invincible can still be affected by cards giving -X/-X, such as Crackling Rot. An invincible troop with 0 defense will be removed from the board and sent to the crypt.
  • Invincible prevents all damage dealt to it, thus effects like Lethal have no effect.
  • Invincible troops can still be targeted by actions, thus actions that nullify without destroying can be an effective counter. Inner Conflict or Incubation Webs are two examples.
  • Invincible Troops absorb all damage dealt to them, thus making them an effective counter to large troops with Crush.


Many players fall for the trap that mass removal cards, such as Extinction can kill troops with invincible, this is false. Cards with Invincible will not be removed.

There are three ways to deal with Invincible cards.

  • Void, use cards such as Chaos Key or Solitary Exile. Invincible does not protect against the void.
  • Permanently exhaust, or make the troop unable to attack. Cards like Inner Conflict and Mesmerize work wonders.
  • Use debuff powers, such as the one provided by the Zared Venomscorn charge power to bring the defence points to 0.