Ixo the Primeval

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Set: Frostheart
Race: Horror
Faction: Neutral
Health: 24
Threshold: Blood.pngBlood.png
Cost: 4
Basic.png Blood.pngBlood.png: Pay4.png → Draw two cards. You lose 4 health.



Additional Lore

High in the Hyperborean mountains stalks a creature that has oft been dismissed as a nightmarish myth. A creature so ancient and evil, it may have preyed upon travelers even before the creation of the Frost Ring Arena. That creature is Ixo, the Primeval, and with all the new visitors to the frost ring, Ixo stalks again.


Ixo the Primeval was spoiled before the launch of Set 7: Frostheart in the Champions of Frostheart article


Work in Progress Art
IxothePrimeval WIP.png