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Hex Article Sites

Before we dive back into the campaign walkthrough, let's take a quick look at some of the great resources available in the community for Hex.

Hex has a very active community offering many different resources. Everything from deck constructions articles, to helpful price guides, to livestreams of tournaments and games are available if you know where to look. Let's take a look at a few of the categories available to us.

There are several websites out there which offer great information on everything from competitive decks to PvE decks. Here are a few:

- Hex Homepage - An obvious place to start is the Hex Homepage. They post multiple articles weekly from various sources from the community as well as post weekly updates to the state of the game detailing important events and sneak peeks of things to come. If you're looking for a great tool to start with in order to see what's happening in Hex, start here.

- FiveShards - The FiveShards team is very active in the community whether its sponsoring free community tournaments, writing articles, or publishing their Podcast. FiveShards is a great place to look if you're looking to take a look at some of the more competitive PvP aspects in the game.

- HexPrimal - Hex Primal is a fantastic resource for those folks looking for a wider variety of articles from PvP to PvE to information on the Hex Economy. Hex Primal is a great resource. They also run a reputable store where you can purchase things for real money if you're looking for an alternative to the in-game Auction House.

- Hex Subreddit - The Hex Subreddit is a good place to find topics of interest to the community as well as other events/going-ons in a single area. During spoiler season, spoilers are often posted here and offer a glimpse at a few upcoming cards in future sets.

Hex Tool Sites

- HexMeta - For the competitive-focused, HexMeta is a great tool that shows decks currently being used in tournaments, ladder play, and other community events. This is a good way to check out and see what types of decks are being played in the competitive scene. The filters allow sorting from many things like cards to wins, and is a great place to look if you're looking for competitive deck ideas.

- HexPrice - For the economists out there, HexPrice is a great tool to view the prices and trending prices of cards to get an idea as to the value of cards. The nifty thing about HexPrice is that it only lists prices for cards that have had sales, so you can get a general idea of the prices people are paying for various cards. Extremely helpful if you are unsure as to the price of a card you own.

- HexSales - Another Sales database much like HexPrice, HexSales boasts another take on the Hex Economy. A great resource for those focusing on their collections.

- Hex TCG Browser - A fantastic card database that includes every card in the game. Not only does it show the card, but it also lists a handy graph of the auction house prices, associated equipment, where to get the card, and even has a way to sync up your collection to the site in order to better see your collection. HEX TCG Browser even has a robust trading tool in order to match you up with potential trading partners based on the wishlists and tradelists you set.

Hex Community Sites and Podcasts

- 2 Turns Ahead - A podcast devoted to many topics headed by members of the FiveShards and other guild communities. They discuss topics ranging from community news to competitive PvP theory.

- Twitch.TV - Hex - The popular streaming site also has a group of players from Hex devoted to streaming the games. Streamers offer players a way to observe anything from tournament play to drafts and some streamers often have giveaways where you can win prizes simply for watching the stream!

- Verdicts of the Ancient Kings Podcast - A relatively new podcast headed by community member Nicosharp. They talk Hex from PvE to PvP. Another great listening resource!

There are many other great sites out there, far too many to list here, but if you're interested in checking out some of the other sites, check the Main Page.

Now that you are familiar with where to get information, let's turn our attention back to our deck... and talk about a few different advanced concepts in deck creation.

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