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Keystone Ability: Spells and Spell Power - Each Race gains spell power from their charges and uses that to cast special spell abilities. Each race has its own special spell, and other spells can be gained through talents.


  • Versatile and able to draw cards more quickly then other classes.
  • Can have a maximum starting hand size of 8 with certain talent choices.
  • Consistent - Ability to quickly cycle through cards in your deck helps prevent you from losing due to a bad hand or mulligan situation.
  • Supplemental spells allow you to bolster your racial theme even better sometimes.


  • Frail - Mages only start with a paltry 14 health.
  • Vulnerable - With such a low starting health, mages are extremely susceptible to losing to aggressive decks.

Human Mage

Humans do not use traditional magic, so their mages must be proficient in the use of gems. Most human wizards live in Cerulea. The mages of Cerulea are intellectuals and scholars.


Human Mages are extremely versatile. They have access to many damage actions with Ruby, Tempo and Draw Actions with Sapphire, and Defensive actions with Diamond. With their Heroism Racial Talent, humans are adept at taking on bosses in dungeons with their potential of nine starting cards. However, with no racial ability to improve their life until level 30, human mages are among the most frail mages in the game.

Orc Mage

Orc Mages are an all-or-nothing playstyle. Their extremely aggressive nature suits them well, as they have access to Ruby and Blood shards. With a strong focus on enraging their troops, Mages go with the scorched earth mentality - destroying their opponent before they go down themselves.

Coyotle Mage

The Coyotle mages call themselves "stormcallers" or "weather dancers". They are capable of controlling the weather through ritualistic dancing. A group of mages can dance together to produce even more potent effects.

After the arrival of Hex, they began integrating Hexing gems into their Wild Magic rituals.


Coyotle Mages have a heavy tribal theme with the Coyotle Shards - Wild, Sapphire, and Diamond. Their racial spell can potentially be a one-sided board wipe - Provided the Coyotle has a bit of luck and is playing with only Coyotles. With access to a bonus talent point, Coyotles have a bit more room to customize themselves, allowing a larger degree of fine-tuning.

Elf Mage

Elf Mages are more focused on augmenting their troops with actions rather then trying to out-draw or destroy their opponent outright. Elves enjoy an extra 6 starting health which helps shore up one of the mage's primary weaknesses. With access to Ruby and Wild shards, Elven mages are going to be focusing on ramping their troops out quickly, and then buffing them with impressive stat improvements.

Necrotic Mage

Necrotic Mages are an oddity, attempting to focus on several different shards at once for maximum benefit. In addition, Necrotic Mages have the ability to steal cards from their opponents deck - but only playing them if they have the threshold, another incentive to run multiple types of shards.

Dwarf Mage

A bit more durable then other mages thanks to their bonus armor racial ability, Dwarven mages focus on always having an action thanks to their inherent shards of ruby and sapphire. Their racial spell allows them to transform a troop into a random artifact which can be used both defensively or offensively.

Shinhare Mage

A shin'hare mage will think nothing of killing their own kind to get what they want. In fact, they are encouraged to do so.


The bunny mages mitigate their primary disadvantage a bit with a bonus 3 health, bringing their starting health up to 17. With access to the destructive blood shard as well as the troop-centric wild shard, shin'hare mages focus on playing troops while simultaneously destroying their opponents. Their racial spell is particularly useful, granting shin'hare the ability to immediately destroy any troop at the cost of giving their opponent a free card.

Vennen Mage

Vennen mages use their ruthless mastery of Blood Magic to feed their insatiable hunger to inflict pain.


Vennen mages are among the craftiest of mages, having access to boatloads of removal in both Sapphire and Blood shards. However, they pay for this advantage with their tiny 14 health. Vennen mages are likely to focus on trying to destroy every troop that an opponent plays while playing evasive troops to drain their opponent.