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The Hex Compendium project aims to build an encyclopaedia of content for Hex Shards of Fate. Content is made by the community for the community and we urge our readers to contribute their own Hex knowledge to improve this place.
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Hex: Shards of Fate is a first of its kind MMORPGTCG, funded on Kickstarter, created and published by Hex Entertainment and highly acclaimed by critics. Hex: Shards of Fate combines the challenging and strategic planning of a true trading card game (TCG) with the rich depth of a role-playing game (RPG). Thanks to the fully digital nature of HEX: Shards of Fate, entirely new game mechanics such as socketable cards are made available to TCG fans, making the experience even more varied and strategic. In addition, HEX: Shards of Fate offers the unique elements of an RPG, such as PvE campaigns with rich lore, talent trees, and champions that are customizable with equipment. Thus, the game breaks genre-boundaries and ensures extensive and tactical entertainment. It has a standalone client but is also available on Steam and on Playstation 4. Linux has an unofficial but working client. A complete history of HEX can be found here.

Hex: Shards of Fate can be described as a hybrid free2play – TCG where F2P elements work alongside traditional TCG mechanics. For example, the game has two currencies: a premium currency (Plat.png Platinum) and a free currency (Gold.png Gold), these currencies can be exchanged with each other in player-based trades based on a player-driven ratio, the player Bankerbot provides one such service). These currencies are used to buy cards from the in-game store, from the Auction house or directly from other players.

Being a true trading card game (TCG), there are multiple ways that players can trade cards. Players may use the official in-game store to buy decks and booster packs; use the in-game Auction House to buy and sell packs/specific cards or the cash-on-delivery mail system for private trades. Additionally, players may buy and sell cards for real money, however since this is done at the players own risk it is advisable only to use reputable third-party shops such as Hex Primal or BattleShopper. Buying or selling accounts or currency such as Plat.png Platinum or Gold.png Gold for cash is however a bannable offence.

The main game has two categories, PvP that consists of PvP tournaments, and the PvE scene that consists of the Frost Ring Arena as well as the Campaign. The cards are also divided in these two categories with the main sets being used for PvP and PvE, and PvE specific ‘books’ containing cards that are only legal in PvE games.

When players register for an account they are given 250 cards consisting of common and uncommon rarity cards that form a deck themed on each of the major races. In addition, cards, packs, currency and other ingame items can be obtained by playing the PvE part of the game, as well as by account leveling and ladders , where players can get cards of all rarity (common to legendary) for free.

As well as this wiki, Hex Shards of Fate is heavily supported by the community. Here you can find links to various Hex related resources.





Welcome to Hex! Find below an assortment of frequently asked questions.


A: Check the youtube video by Noxious and the Hex Infographic for new players by Temperche.


A: The game is healthy and growing slowly, with hundreds of new accounts created every day. As Hex has a standalone client, and a cross-play Playstation 4 client, the steamcharts numbers are not representative of Hex population. Less than 10% of Hex players are using steam, as you can see here. Current numbers representing PvP and auction house activity can be found here. Activity peaks occur when new PvP sets are being released every 4 months and when new PvE content is released 1-2 times per year.


A: Check out Brynhildr's New Player Guide, the Hex New Player guide by KingGabriel and the Hex New Player guide by SilentSnake. For troubles in the campaign see the PvE section. If you are interested, see the Tournament Quick Start Guide by SilentSnake.


A: Consult the official bug forums as well as the Known Issues list. For returning players that can't login, the Transition FAQ may be informative. If this doesn't help, contact Hex support.


A: Decks for the current constructed PvP meta can be seen at HexPvPtools, there are also two PvP budget deck lists: [New budget decklists out for Standard: here and here. Decks for immortal PvP can be found here. There are also decklist repositories for the PVE portion. Information to build cheap beginner decks can be found here and here.


A: See the Spending $$$ in Hex guide.


A: You can use the ingame mail system at the lower right corner of the client (which includes a cash on delivery option) or the auction house.

Featured Article - Doombringer
Wiki Contributions

Doombringer continues the story of how the meeddling of the crazy Mage Hogarth brought something dire into Entrath. Now, the Enders are pouring through the Worldscar and a big tournament at the Frost Ring Arena is in disarray. But, the teams fighting in the Arena won't go down without a fight! The Enders may be numerous and flexible, using the keyword Fusion to combine themselves and adapt to any situation, but each team has all-new strategies which they can use to resist. Bring the beats with Rowdy and get value for playing more expensive cards. Overwhelm your opponents with Rabid abilities which trigger on attack, or simply use new elite troops requiring multiple blockers (Feral). And if the worst should happen, the new Rebirth keyword will ensure your troops live to fight another day. Will the Enders consume the entire world, or will the teams come together in the face of this awesome threat? Find out today!

Welcome to our unofficial Hex shards of Fate Wiki. This is a publicly accessible and editable wiki, however until we upgrade your account a moderator will need to approve your edits to existing pages - don't worry we're active every day here. But feel free to poke us in our forum thread for any account upgrades or problems: click here. This wiki is currently made out of 4,092 articles and 2,312 files. Anyone can register an account to contribute!

Unofficial Rulebook

The Unofficial Rulebook was recently added to the wiki. It is an invaluable resource for both new and experienced players as it gives a details explanation of the game functions, along with excellent references for further reading. Official documentation can be found at the bottom of the page.