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Greetings fellow Hexers! My name is Brynhildr, and I am here to help give you guidance in your first steps into the world of Hex! If you are reading this, you are might be fresh off of finishing the Tutorial and looking at a screen that looks like this:


What are all these buttons? Where the heck should you start? I am here to help walk you through the beginning of your Hex career and to help you get started. This guide will walk you from the first steps you take all the way up until you have enough resources to participate in your first Booster Draft!

All new players should start in the PvE Campaign after finishing the tutorial. This PvE campaign is the bulk of the Hex free-to-play experience, and is an excellent way to accumulate new cards and resources. It will give you a chance to build your collection while slowly introducing you to several concepts in Hex. This guide will assume you are a completely new player that has not invested any real world money into booster packs.

To Access the Campaign, you click the large Campaign button located here:


This will take you directly into the character creation screen where you will pick and choose your very first character.


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