Balthasar the Elegist

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Set: Frostheart
Race: Satyr
Health: 21
Threshold: Wild.pngWild.png
Cost: 5
Basic.png Wild.pngWild.png: Pay5.png → If the top card of your deck is a resource, play the top card of your deck for free. Otherwise, draw a card and gain 2 health.



Additional Lore

(Frostheart Lore) - The Merry Caravan’s musicians are none other than Puck, the Dream Bringer, and Balthasar. -Champions of Frostheart


Set 8: Dead of Winter Launch

Puck and BalthasarBalthasar the Elegist. Loses Ardent Faction, Elf Race and Cleric Class.


The changing of Puck and Balthasar to Balthasar the Elegist was spoiled before the launch of Set 8: Dead of Winter between the Dream's End Lore Piece and Requiem for a Dream Friday Update

Puck and Balthasar was spoiled before the launch of Set 7: Frostheart in the Champions of Frostheart article


Puck and Balthasar WIP art for Puck and Balthasar
PuckandBalthasar.png PuckandBalthasar WIP.png