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PvE covers the free-to-play section of the game. (Although it gives you access to the pay-to-enter sections via trading gold to platinum)

Unlike the traditional PvP experience such as tournaments that require a platinum entry fee, PvE is free to everyone from the start with no limits on gold gained per day.

In addition to that, there are a lot of PvE cards that players can get for free as rewards from various parts of the PvE experience. Special PvE cards can drop by beating certain optional areas, or clearing up to a certain point with a specific character race.


Book 1: Chronicles of Entrath

Chapter 1: Howling Plains (AZ1)

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Chapter 2: The Alachian Sea (AZ2)

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Frost Ring Arena


The Frost Ring Arena is also PvE with no entry fee, but uses the regular PvP collection builder under the frost ring arena section. It is trickier for beginners and so it is recommended that you enter campaign first.

You can find more information on the on our dedicated Frost Ring Arena page.

PvE Cards

In addition to normal PvP cards, Hex has a special book of PvE cards that are stronger than normal PvP cards, however can only be used in PvE environments. (PvP cards can be used in PvE).


There are currently 9 Dungeons in Hex Shards of Fate PvE, and 1 tutorial dungeon.

A lot of encounters and routes to these dungeons may be changed by faction choice also.


Siege, originally conceptualized as Keep Defense, allows players to either build a gauntlet of decks to defend with or challenge another player’s gauntlet with their own deck.


Unfortunately raids were not a part of Chapter 1 or 2 of PvE. This means that Hex Shards of Fate PvE is entirely single player, for now.

The current rumours are that raids would support a co-op of 2 players vs an ai (2v1) or 2 players vs 2 ai opponents, however this is not verified. The original rumours points to 3 player teams, however due to technical difficulties that might have been shelved for now.


Your champion can be equipped with equipment that can be found from spinning and/or opening chests, playing through the Frost Ring Arena and in the main campaign. Owning the card does not grant you the equipment for that card.


Mercenaries were fully implemented with Chronicles of Entrath Chapter II. Currently, there are 58 different mercenaries that can be acquired. Mercenaries are special champions that can be used in campaign (in place of your main champion deck) after having unlocked the Mercenary slots with the respective quests. A maximum of three mercenary slots is available. Mercenaries have their own deck restrictions, own abilities and also party passives. The different mercenaries originate from kickstarter, chests, account leveling, campaign and convocation packs.

PvP/PvE Split

Hex Shards of Fate is marketed as an MMO-TCG. This means that along with player vs player scenarios, HexEnt are developing a player vs environment scenario as well.

With the addition of PvE, Hex can be split into two fully loaded games.

The PvP / competitive scene and the PvE casual scene. Both sides will have their own unique features. Balancing is also different for both - PvP cards can only be banned, PvE cards/items can be fully changed and can have crazier effects.

Release Dates

The Frost Ring Arena was released on March 11th, 2015.

The 1st part of the PvE Campaign, The Chronicles of Entrath: Chapter 1, was released on January 26th, 2016.

The 2nd part of the PvE Campaign, The Chronicles of Entrath: Chapter 2, was released on December 6th, 2016.

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