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Hex Shards of Fate has 8 main races and 9 supporting creatures. The 8 main races in Hex Shards of Fate The races are also split into 2 factions, the Ardent and the Underworld.

Here you can find gameplay information for each race,

Race and Creature Lore

You can find the lore for each race here:



You can find the lore for each creature here:


Elves, Orcs, Coyotle and Humans form the Ardent Alliance. In the world of Hex, these are the 'good guys'.


Shards: Wild, Sapphire and Diamond
Starter Deck: Introduced with Set 3.
Short Description: Relatively easy to play, they are, in a sense, a combination of the ramp powers of the Elves along with some (not all) of the tactical freedom that Human decks offer.
Recommended Play Style: Coyolte, whilst tactically free is best used with their unique keyword prophecy in mind. Players that favour a slower, more controlled approach with a big bang in the middle game should look here.

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Shards: Ruby and Wild
Starter Deck: Introduced with Set 3.
Short Description: The Elves focus on accelerating resource production, allowing them to playing their stronger cards much earlier than other races. They are supported by creatures that side with the power of nature.
Recommended Play Style: Elves are recommended for players that enjoy ramp decks the most.

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Shards: Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire
Starter Deck: Introduced with Set 1.
Short Description: Humans are a balance between aggressive play, controlling and tricks. How a human deck is played is pretty much down to the player. Humans have a unique use of the inspire keyword.
Recommended Play Style: Experiment. Mono colour humans work, as does dual and triple colour decks. Aggro, Control, Tactical tricks all work.

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Shards: Ruby and Blood
Starter Deck: Introduced with Set 1.
Short Description: The Orcs are one of most agressive races in Hex, they aim to overwhelm you with a combination of troops and tricks, and make good use of the rage and speed keywords.
Recommended Play Style: Anyone looking to play an Aggro deck.

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The Necrotic, Vennen, Shin'Hare and the Dwarves form the underworld. These are the baddies of Hex!


Shards: Sapphire and Ruby, with a heavy Artifact influence.
Starter Deck: Introduced with Set 1.
Short Description: Dwarves, in the lore represent chaos. However in game play, they are anything but. They rely heavily on synergies between themselves and with their Artifact creations. It does take a while to master them, however Dwarves are extremely powerful when used correctly.
Recommended Play Style: Sapphire Dwarves and Ruby Dwarves have 2 different gameplays. Sapphire dwarves tend to rely on constructions/artifacts for a slower, but steadier build up, whilst Ruby Dwarves tend to be quicker and more aggressive. Alternatively go for a balance of the two.

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Shards: Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire and Blood
Starter Deck: Introduced with Set 3.
Short Description: Necrotic have a unique keyword shift which can make your game extremely tactical. However, due to the amount of shard types that they cover, you are quite free in making decks with varied game styles.
Recommended Play Style: Entirely down to you. The two main styles are either full colour, utilizing the power of Lixil, the Deathless Gem or focusing on the unique shift powers.

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Shards: Wild and Blood
Starter Deck: Introduced with Set 1.
Short Description: Aggressive, psychopathic, cute, fluffy samurai bunnies. Shin'Hare spawn small bunnies that are either used as blood magic sacrifice to power-up other cards or temporarily buffed for the grand assault. Since they've enslaved the Shroomkin, they work hand in hand with them.
Recommended Play Style: Breed like rabbits then attack with the hordes. If you have experience in Starcraft, these are the Zergs.

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Shards: Sapphire and Blood
Starter Deck: Introduced with Set 3.
Short Description: The Vennen focus on infesting their opponent with spider eggs and then milling them out. If that's not your cup of tea, Vennen troops can be powerful enough to play conventionally as well.
Recommended Play Style: Any fans of Mill decks should look here. Vennen are slower, but can be extremely rewarding.

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