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As with everything, the Hex4Newbies wiki needs to have a few rules. This is simple so that we can keep the wiki free of spam and useless links/items.

When you are editing/creating pages please follow these rules.

  1. Do not advertise anything that is against the Hex Shards of Fate TOS.
  2. Spamming links to non-hex related sites, general vandalism and disruptive editing is strictly prohibited.
  3. Any form of harassments, insults to person or people is not allowed here.
  4. Do not create articles or edits that purposely mislead players. April fools is the exception however, after 12:00 on April the 1st CET you have to revert your edit. If your prank is a page, you not not need to delete it, but make it clear that it was an April fools.
  5. Do not advertise here. We have a special page for Hex Communities, keep links to Hex communities in there.
    1. Anything non-Hex related is strictly prohibited.
  6. Do not copy content from other Hex Shards of Fate websites, unless you have permission to do so.
  7. Videos to Hex Shards of Fate content is allowed as long as it is relevant to the article you are placing it in.
  8. Only upload images that are to be used in an article. Unused images will be deleted. We are not an image hosting site.
  9. Usernames that are offensive, missleading (i.e. pretending to be Hex or Gameforge staff) or are otherwise unacceptable will be permanently blocked.