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1st set: Frostheart
Rarity: Rare
Type: Troop
Race: Scorpion, Hydra
Faction: Neutral
Thresholds: Blood.pngRuby.png
Cost: 5
Attack: 1
Defense: 4
Keyword(s): Lifedrain, Speed, Crush
Current Price:

Game Text

Lifedrain, Speed, Crush

When this attacks, it gets +Attack.png equal to the highest Attack.png amongst troops you control.


Scorpio Pincers

Rarity: Uncommon

Drop location: Frost Ring Arena

Slot: Gloves

Text: Your Scorpinox have, "When you play an action, this gets +Attack.png equal to that cards cost this turn."

Average Price:


Scorpio Aculeus

Rarity: Uncommon

Drop location: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary Frostheart Chests

Slot: Trinket

Text: Your Stings of the Scorpinox have, " All your Scorpinoxs in all zones get cost -Pay2.png and "This deals double damage.""

Average Price:


Anthony Feliciano

Flavor Text

"The only thing the Scorpinox is truly afraid of is the dreaded Capricornia."- from the journal of Lord Bernard P. Dunthorpe


Nox Animist: Nox Cultists believe that Scorpinox venom is holy. They drink it to shape their bodies into a more perfect form.


Scorpinox was spoiled before the launch of the Set 7: Frostheart by NobleRoostasaur.