Set 7: Frostheart

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Symbol: Broken Heart
Set number: 7
Chapter: 4
Release Date: 29th June 2017
Common Cards: 70
Core Common Cards: 75
Uncommon Cards: 75
Rare Cards: 77
Legendary Cards: 18
Total Collectible Cards: 315
Created Cards: 27
Total Cards: 342
Pack Price:
Primal Price:
Previous Set: Scars of War Scars of War.png
Next Set: Dead of Winter Dead of Winter.png


Set 7: Frostheart focuses on a sidestory: on Hogarth's attempt to escape the clutches of the Frost Ring Arena. The corresponding lore article can be found here.


Frostform, Gladiator, Illuminate, Runic and Fateweave.

Special Cards

List of Set 007 Cards