Set 8: Dead of Winter

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Dead of Winter
Dead of Winter.png
Symbol: Swirl
Set number: 8
Chapter: 4
Release Date: 17th November 2017
Common Cards: 70
Core Common Cards: 75
Uncommon Cards: 76
Rare Cards: 76
Legendary Cards: 18
Total Collectible Cards: 315
Created Cards: 57
Total Cards: 372
Pack Price:
Primal Price:
Previous Set: Frostheart Frostheart.png
Next Set: Doombringer Doombringer.png


With the launch of Set 8 Set 3: Armies of Myth and Set 4: Primal Dawn Rotate out of constructed Standard play meaning the packs will no longer be available in the Store and will only be available from purchasing second hand through the Auciton House.

Some existing champions are altered for balance or lore reasons:

Like all sets Doombringer also comes with a Chest to obtain other loot through the Wheels of Fate and opening the Chests:

Chest Drops

Wheels of Fate Drops


Set 008 continues the Frost Ring Arena story of Set 7 and introduces new teams.

Team Shards Keywords
Blightbark Blood.pngWild.png Deathcry
Cult of the Nameless City Blood.pngSaph.png Bury
Dwarves Ruby.pngSaph.png Runic
Goldfella Dia.pngWild.png Lucky Coin
Heartsworn Saph.png Charges
Hogarth the Statue maker Dia.pngSaph.png Frostform (Brittle)
Luminaries Dia.pngRuby.png Illuminate
Merry Caravan Saph.pngWild.png Transform
Nox Blood.pngRuby.png Rage/ Attack Buff
The Pack Ruby.pngWild.png Gladiator
Twilight Host Blood.pngDia.png Verdict

New Mechanics

Name Description Example
Momentum is a keyword which increased the troop +Attack.png/+Defence.png equal to the number of Momentum when you play a resource until the start of your next turn. The Momentum is then increased by 1. Jubilant Jouster
Portal is keyword which causes the card to transform into a random card of the same rarity at the start of your turn while it is in your hand. Volcanic Portal
Verdict is a keyword that has the opponent choose between a 'day' and 'night' effect of a potential 5 effects each. Effects which won't have any affect on the current board won't be an option. Runic Justice

List of Set 008 Champions

Champion Health Threshold Cost Race Class
Adoni-Zeddek 23 Dia.png 4 Spirit
Entity Unknown 23 Ruby.png 4 Entity
Frostshaper Gorkrog 24 Saph.pngSaph.png 9 Necrotic Warlock
Lady Avalanche 22 Wild.png 4 Human Warrior
Venoma of the Nox 21 Blood.png 5 Scorpion Mutant

List of Set 008 Cards

Name Rarity Type Faction Traits Price
Arcing Venom Uncommon Quick Action - -
Blightbark Burster Common Troop Neutral Undead, Plant, Zombie
Blightwater Ferryman Rare Troop Neutral Undead, Plant, Zombie
Bonetide Common Basic Action - -
Brink of Madness Rare Quick Action - -
Bristlebarb Hag Uncommon Troop Neutral Swamp Hag
Corpse Lily Common Troop Neutral Plant
Corpsemulch Uncommon Constant - -
Cruel Sentence Common Quick Action - -
Deathless Destiny Rare Basic Action - -
Decaying Dead Common Troop Neutral Undead, Zombie
Demented Whispers Rare Basic Action - -
Doomed Guardian Legendary Troop Neutral Plant, Construct
Dream's End Rare Basic Action - -
Eventide Ender Uncommon Troop Neutral Spirit
Exalted Cabalist Rare Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Warlock
Herald of Roses Uncommon Troop Neutral Undead, Plant
Malevolent Mi'go Rare Troop Neutral Chaostouched
Nameless Devourer Uncommon Troop Neutral Chaostouched
Nameless Host Common Troop Neutral Chaostouched
Nameless Mists Common Basic Action - Chaostouched
Nameless Peddler Uncommon Troop Neutral Chaostouched
Necronettle Rare Troop Neutral Undead, Plant
Night Warden Common Troop Neutral Spirit
Nightbloom Common Quick Action - -
Nyctophobia Common Quick Action - -
Plague and Famine Rare Troop Neutral Undead, Beast
Runic Madness Common Basic Action - -
Scuttlecrux Uncommon Troop Neutral Chaostouched
Siphon Strength Uncommon Quick Action - -
Stalking Quarry Rare Troop Neutral Elemental
Sunset Shade Uncommon Troop Neutral Spirit
Umbral Guard Uncommon Troop Neutral Spirit
Unravel Common Quick Action - -
Unwritten End Uncommon Constant - -
Vile Squirmhound Common Troop Neutral Chaostouched, Beast
Void Star, the Sightless Legendary Troop Neutral Chaostouched, Coyotle
Void Star's Gaze Uncommon Basic Action - -
Zeddek's Judgment Rare Basic Action - -

Name Rarity Type Faction Traits Price
Arcing Light Uncommon Quick Action - -
Arctic Grizzly Common Troop Neutral Beast
Aura Eater Common Troop Neutral Beast
Ballistar Rare Troop Neutral Incarnation
Brighthammer Adept Uncommon Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Courageous Soul Common Quick Action - -
Dawn Charger Rare Troop Neutral Spirit
Devoted Luminist Common Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Dragonspeaker Daliah Rare Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Enlightened Destiny Rare Troop - -
Exalted Commander Rare Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Warrior
Fortified Charge Rare Basic Action - -
Guiding Light Uncommon Constant - -
Hyperborean Elementalist Common Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Mage
Hyperborean Huntmaster Rare Quick Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Ranger
In the Halls of Twilight Uncommon Constant - -
Inner Fire Common Quick Action - -
Kindlekit Common Troop Neutral Beast
Light of Lyvaanth Common Basic Action - -
Lux Guard Common Troop Neutral Spirit
Lyvaanth's Skylancers Uncommon Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Narrow Escape Rare Quick Action - -
Orchi-Kero Uncommon Troop Neutral Spirit
Overwhelming Guilt Common Basic Action - -
Polar Ferret Uncommon Troop Neutral Beast
Priestess of Pureflame Rare Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Pureflame Protector Legendary Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Righteous Exorcist Uncommon Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Righteous Waxshot Rare Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Runic Justice Common Basic Action - -
Seamstress of Vaelena Legendary Troop Neutral Avatar, Destiny
Skylance Captain Rare Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Snow Puffin Common Troop Neutral Bird
Sunlit Sentence Rare Quick Action - -
Sunrise Specter Uncommon Troop Neutral Spirit
Threads of Life Uncommon Basic Action - -
Wings of Wax Uncommon Constant - -
Winter's Grasp Common Quick Action - -
Wrath of Elements Uncommon Quick Action - -

Name Rarity Type Faction Traits Price
Acolyte of Flame Common Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Arcing Rust Uncommon Quick Action - -
Blitz Boyz Rare Troop Neutral Gnoll
Bottled Lightning Rare Troop Neutral Construct
Brightflame Paladin Uncommon Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Brutal Brawler Common Troop Neutral Gnoll
Candle Crush Common Basic Action - -
Candlelit Cavalry Common Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Choir of Lumos Uncommon Basic Action - -
Coiling Nebulax Rare Troop Neutral Entity
Confession of Embers Rare Basic Action - -
Engorged Gobbler Rare Troop Neutral Gobbler
Flame Barrage Uncommon Quick Action - -
Greater Quazarus Legendary Troop Neutral Entity
Incensed Igniter Uncommon Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Liberated Berserker Rare Troop Ardenticon.png Orc, Warrior
Light 'Em Up Rare Basic Action - -
Livewire Lasher Uncommon Troop Neutral Gnoll
Marshpits Troll Uncommon Troop Neutral Troll
Master Runefuser Legendary Troop Underworldicon.png Robot, Dwarf, Mage
Novaxod Uncommon Troop Neutral Entity
Off the Chain Common Quick Action - -
Portalscape Rare Quick Action - -
Quenchinator Rare Troop Neutral Feralfuel, Elemental
Return to Cinder Common Quick Action - -
Runic Eruption Uncommon Basic Action - -
Runic Passion Rare Basic Action - -
Runic Rampage Common Quick Action - -
Rush of Victory Common Basic Action - -
Ruthless Destiny Rare Basic Action - -
Searing Spitfire Common Troop Neutral Elemental
Snarling Huntress Common Troop Neutral Gnoll
Sparkyspine Common Troop Neutral Elemental, Beast
Thunderwagon Uncommon Troop Neutral Construct
Tooth and Claw Uncommon Quick Action - -
Trapper Keeper Uncommon Troop Neutral Orc, Ranger
Volcanic Portal Common Quick Action - -
Yetigeddon Rare Basic Action - -
Zealous Templar Common Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric

Name Rarity Type Faction Traits Price
Aquamander Common Troop Neutral Elemental
Arcanovex Rare Troop Neutral Incarnation
Arcing Frost Uncommon Quick Action - -
Bleeding Heart Uncommon Constant - -
Bluebell Pixie Common Troop Neutral Fae
Borean Boa Common Troop Neutral Beast
Briny Walrus Common Troop Neutral Beast
Cerulean Grand Invoker Rare Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Mage
Dead of Winter Rare Basic Action - -
Demented Destiny Rare Basic Action - -
Dingledance Common Quick Action - -
Emerging Blasphem Uncommon Troop Neutral Chaostouched
Eyes of the Heart Legendary Basic Action - -
Fall Into Despair Common Constant - -
Gaze of Hastur Common Troop Neutral Chaostouched
Heartsworn Caller Uncommon Troop Underworldicon.png Necrotic, Warlock
Heartsworn Cutthroat Uncommon Troop Underworldicon.png Necrotic, Warlock
Heartsworn Draxard Rare Troop Underworldicon.png Necrotic, Warrior
Heartsworn Mordrom Rare Troop Underworldicon.png Necrotic, Warlock
High Joltage Rare Basic Action - -
Howling Madness Common Quick Action - -
Jinglejinx Witch Rare Troop Neutral Witch
Lixil, Heartsworn Legendary Troop Underworldicon.png Necrotic, Rogue
Lixil's Heartseeker Common Troop Underworldicon.png Necrotic, Ranger
Metamorphize Common Basic Action - -
Psionic Barrage Uncommon Quick Action - -
Runeflection Uncommon Basic Action - -
Runic Rays Common Quick Action - -
Runic Riddles Common Quick Action - -
Sour Grum'puss Rare Troop Neutral Fae
Spellstorm Titan Rare Troop Neutral Elemental
Striding Syzygon Rare Troop Neutral Entity
Swooping Gravitross Common Troop Neutral Entity
Temporal Exile Uncommon Quick Action - -
Unhenge Uncommon Quick Action - -
Whimsy's Familiar Uncommon Troop Neutral Fae, Familiar
Whisker of Azathoth Rare Troop Neutral Chaostouched, Beast
Zeota's Familiar Uncommon Troop Neutral Beast, Familiar
Zephyn Uncommon Troop Neutral Beast

Name Rarity Type Faction Traits Price
Alluring Alemaid Uncommon Quick Troop Neutral Fae
Arcing Winds Uncommon Quick Action - -
Baroness Floriana Rare Troop Neutral Plant, Fae
Blighted Seedbearer Rare Troop Neutral Human, Thrall
Bloom Burster Common Troop Neutral Undead, Plant, Zombie
Blossoming Brawn Uncommon Quick Action - -
Brosi's Bouncer Rare Troop Neutral Beast
Exalted Pathfinder Rare Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Ranger
Fueling Station Uncommon Constant - -
Green Grimplekin Uncommon Troop Neutral Imp
Hap'ie, the High Hero Legendary Troop Neutral Shin'hare, Cleric
Herald of Thorns Uncommon Troop Neutral Undead, Plant
Jacked Colossus Legendary Troop Neutral Giant
Jubilant Destiny Rare Basic Action - -
Jubilant Jouster Common Troop Neutral Satyr
Lumbering Gammadon Common Troop Neutral Entity
Merry Maple Uncommon Troop Neutral Plant
Merry Mascot Uncommon Troop Neutral Satyr
Merrymaker Rare Troop Neutral Fae
Muttrider Rare Troop Neutral Gnoll
Pack Pummeler Uncommon Troop Neutral Gnoll
Palm of Granite Common Basic Action - -
Pippit Pal Rare Troop Neutral Fae
Pippy Pup Common Troop Neutral Plant, Beast
Rabid Rage Rare Constant - -
Razorboard Shredder Common Troop Neutral Gnoll
Ready to Rumble Common Quick Action - -
Roaming Pulsagath Rare Troop Neutral Entity
Rowdy Ringmaster Uncommon Troop Neutral Human, Mage
Runic Might Common Quick Action - -
Ruthless Ripping Rare Quick Action - -
Scurrying Strength Common Basic Action - -
Shockspear Slinger Common Troop Neutral Gnoll
Soothing Seedstag Common Troop Neutral Plant, Beast
Sown Strength Common Quick Action - -
Sylvan Springs Rare Constant - -
Triumphant Muttmaster Uncommon Troop Neutral Gnoll
Verdant Rift Uncommon Basic Action - -
Wild Knight Common Troop Neutral Human, Knight

Name Rarity Shards Type Faction Traits Price
Arbiter of Twilight Legendary Blood.pngDia.png Troop Neutral Spirit
Blaze of Glory Rare Dia.pngRuby.png Quick Action - -
Blight Wagon Rare Blood.pngWild.png Troop Neutral Construct
Borean Chimera Uncommon Dia.pngSaph.png Troop Neutral Chimera
Changeling Cuties Uncommon Saph.pngWild.png Troop Neutral Fae
Cosmicron Rare Ruby.pngWild.png Troop Neutral Entity
Crafty Skycarver Rare Ruby.pngSaph.png Troop Neutral Dwarf, Mage
Emperor Nox Legendary Blood.pngRuby.png Troop Neutral Scorpion, Hydra
Fuelmaster Uncommon Ruby.pngWild.png Troop Neutral Gnoll
Gloaming Edict Uncommon Blood.pngDia.png Constant - -
Leprechaun Artist Rare Dia.pngWild.png Troop Neutral Fae, Leprechaun
Lumiknight Uncommon Dia.pngRuby.png Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Nameless Husher Uncommon Blood.pngSaph.png Troop Neutral Chaostouched
Nameless Pact Rare Blood.pngSaph.png Constant - -
Nox Animist Rare Blood.pngRuby.png Troop Neutral Scorpion, Mutant
Nox Zealot Uncommon Blood.pngRuby.png Troop Neutral Scorpion, Mutant
Portcullion Rare Dia.pngSaph.png Troop Neutral Incarnation
Putrid Porker Uncommon Blood.pngWild.png Troop Neutral Undead, Plant, Beast
Quui the Runemother Legendary Ruby.pngSaph.png Troop Neutral Dragon
Riftstorm Rare Saph.pngWild.png Basic Action - -
Shamrock, The Goldfather Legendary Dia.pngWild.png Troop Neutral Fae, Leprechaun
Shillelagh Bully Uncommon Dia.pngWild.png Troop Neutral Fae, Leprechaun
Squirming Galaxtar Uncommon Ruby.pngSaph.png Troop Neutral Entity
Timophy the Turtle Legendary Saph.pngWild.png Troop Neutral Turtle, Beast
Twilight Justice Rare Blood.pngDia.png Constant - -

Name Rarity Type Faction Traits Price
Chalice of the Victor Rare Artifact - -
Corners of the World Legendary Artifact - -
Dark Desire of Nulzann Legendary Artifact, Troop Neutral Construct
Disruptor Drone Uncommon Artifact, Troop Neutral Robot
Dyna-Dummy Common Artifact, Troop Neutral Robot
Electroclaws Common Artifact - -
Eternal Architect Legendary Artifact, Troop Neutral Eternal, Construct
Mecha Mutt Uncommon Artifact, Troop Neutral Robot, Gnoll
Rand-Amp 3000 Common Artifact - -
Replipopper 4000 Rare Artifact, Troop Neutral Robot
Robogoyle Uncommon Artifact, Troop Neutral Robot, Gargoyle
Twilight Scout Common Artifact, Troop Neutral Bird, Construct
Twilight Sentry Uncommon Artifact, Troop Neutral Bird, Construct
Twilight Watcher Common Artifact, Troop Neutral Bird, Construct

Name Rarity Price
Blightbark Reserve Rare
Feralfuel Rare
Ludicrous Libations Rare
Nameless Draught Rare
Rift Core Uncommon
Wax Sacrament Rare

Name Shards Type Faction Traits Uses
Ancient Day's Bounty - Choice - - Ancient Verdict
Ancient Day's Coming - Choice - - Ancient Verdict
Ancient Day's Glory - Choice - - Ancient Verdict
Ancient Day's Memorial - Choice - - Ancient Verdict
Ancient Day's Revival - Choice - - Ancient Verdict
Ancient Night's Coming - Choice - - Ancient Verdict
Ancient Night's Decay - Choice - - Ancient Verdict
Ancient Night's Despair - Choice - - Ancient Verdict
Ancient Night's Gloom - Choice - - Ancient Verdict
Ancient Night's Toll - Choice - - Ancient Verdict
Brittle Arcanovex Saph.png Troop Neutral Elemental, Incarnation Arcanovex
Brittle Arctic Grizzly Dia.png Troop Neutral Elemental, Beast Arctic Grizzly
Brittle Ballistar Dia.pngDia.png Troop Neutral Elemental, Incarnation Ballistar
Brittle Borean Boa Saph.png Troop Neutral Elemental, Beast Borean Boa
Brittle Borean Chimera Dia.pngSaph.png Troop Neutral Elemental, Chimera Borean Chimera
Brittle Briny Walrus Saph.pngSaph.png Troop Neutral Elemental, Beast Briny Walrus
Brittle Polar Ferret Dia.pngDia.png Troop Neutral Elemental, Beast Polar Ferret
Brittle Portcullion Dia.pngSaph.png Troop Neutral Elemental, Incarnation Portcullion
Brittle Snow Puffin Dia.png Troop Neutral Elemental, Bird Snow Puffin
Brittle Zephyn Saph.pngSaph.png Troop Neutral Elemental, Beast Zephyn
Common Portal Shardless Basic Action - - Various
Day's Bounty - Choice - - Verdict
Day's Coming - Choice - - Verdict
Day's Glory - Choice - - Verdict
Day's Memorial - Choice - - Verdict
Day's Revival - Choice - - Verdict
Devoured Mind - Choice - - Nameless Devourer
Drop of Chaos Saph.png Basic Action - - Nameless Draught
Drop of Feralfuel Ruby.png Basic Action - - Feralfuel
Drop of Ichor Blood.png Basic Action - - Blightbark Reserve
Drop of Wax Dia.png Basic Action - - Wax Sacrament
Drop of Whimsy Wild.png Basic Action - - Ludicrous Libations
Invoker's Familiar Saph.png Troop Neutral Pet, Beast, Familiar Cerulean Grand Invoker
Legendary Portal Shardless Basic Action - - Various
Lucky Coin - Resource - - Various
Nameless Summons - Choice - - Nameless Devourer
Night's Coming - Choice - - Verdict
Night's Decay - Choice - - Verdict
Night's Despair - Choice - - Verdict
Night's Gloom - Choice - - Verdict
Night's Toll - Choice - - Verdict
Rare Portal Shardless Basic Action - - Various
Rune of Eruption Ruby.pngRuby.png Constant - Rune Runic Reuption
Rune of Justice Dia.png Constant - Rune Runic Justice
Rune of Madness Blood.png Constant - Rune Runic Madness
Rune of Might Wild.png Constant - Rune Runic Madness
Rune of Passion Ruby.png Constant - Rune Runic Passion
Rune of Rampage Ruby.png Constant - Rune Runic Rampage
Rune of Rays Saph.png Constant - Rune Runic Rays
Rune of Riddles Saph.png Constant - Rune Runic Riddles
Sigil of Air - Choice - - Corners of the World
Sigil of Darkness - Choice - - Corners of the World
Sigil of Earth - Choice - - Corners of the World
Sigil of Fire - Choice - - Corners of the World
Sigil of Light - Choice - - Corners of the World
Sigil of Water - Choice - - Corners of the World
Uncommon Portal Shardless Basic Action - - Various

Name Shard Type Faction Traits Price
Acolyte of Xentoth Blood.png Troop Underworldicon.png Vennen, Cleric
Ambling Bluff Dia.png Troop Neutral Elemental
Arctic Emu Dia.png Troop Neutral Bird
Arena Brawler Ruby.png Troop Ardenticon.png Orc, Cleric
Aryndel Blademaster Wild.pngWild.png Troop Ardenticon.png Elf, Rogue
Baa'tle Master Dia.png Troop Neutral Wool'vir
Blast Off Saph.png Basic Action - -
Bleak Harvester Blood.png Troop Underworldicon.png Necrotic, Cleric
Boonberries Wild.png Quick Action - -
Boulder Brute Wild.png Troop Neutral Elemental
Broom Bot Shardless Artifact, Troop Neutral Robot
Bruising Baa'tler Ruby.png Troop Neutral Wool'vir
Cadaver Beetle Wild.png Troop Neutral Insect
Call the Grave Blood.png Basic Action - -
Cannibalize Blood.png Quick Action - -
Carlothian Warpriest Dia.png Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Cleric
Cerulean Highguard Saph.png Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Warrior
Chaostongue Saph.png Troop Neutral Chaostouched
Cloud Skimmer Saph.png Troop Ardenticon.png Coyotle, Mage
Dispel Dia.png Quick Action - -
Duskwing Scout Dia.png Troop Underworldicon.png Necrotic, Range
Effigy of Nulzann Shardless Artifact, Troop Neutral Construct
Emberleaf Bladesman Ruby.png Troop Ardenticon.png Elf, Warrior
Emulate Dia.png Basic Action - -
Energize Ruby.png Basic Action - -
Evaporate Saph.png Quick Action - -
Execute Blood.png Basic Action - -
Firepower Ruby.png Basic Action - -
Golden Griffin Dia.pngDia.png Troop Neutral Griffin
Goliath Spiderspawn Blood.png Troop Neutral Spider
Grand Squirrel Titan Wild.pngWild.png Troop Neutral Squirrel, Beast
Growth Potion Shardless Artifact - Potion
Gyrobot Shardless Artifact, Troop Neutral Robot
Hextricator Shardless Artifact, Troop Neutral Construct
Horned Giraffe Wild.png Troop Neutral Beast
Immortal Tears Shardless Artifact - -
Impulse Ruby.png Basic Action - -
Killblade of the Milky Eye Blood.png Troop Underworldicon.png Shin'hare Rogue
Light of Hope Dia.png Quick Action - -
Mesa Wildspeaker Wild.png Troop Ardenticon.png Coyotle, Warlock
Milky Eye Venom Blood.png Quick Action - -
Mindcaller Saph.png Troop Ardenticon.png Human, Warlock
Mistmonk Saph.png Troop Neutral Manti
Monsagi Deadeye Blood.png Troop Underworldicon.png Shin'hare, Ranger
Moon'ariu Magus Wild.png Troop Underworldicon.png Shin'hare, Mage
Moonlit Snack Blood.png Quick Aciton - -
Moshpit Gladiator Blood.png Troop Ardenticon.png Orc, Warrior
Nature Reigns Wild.png Quick Action - -
Necropolis Sharpshooter Ruby.png Troop Underworldicon.png Necrotic, Ranger
Oakhenge Ceremony Wild.png Basic Action - -
Primal Prism - Resource - -
Prosperous Iljun Dia.png Troop Neutral Iljuni
Pummel Wild.png Quick Action - -
Razor's Edge Ruby.png Quick Action - -
Renew Dia.png Quick Action - -
Rotting Buffalo Blood.png Troop Neutral Undead, Zombie, Buffalo, Beast
Ruinforge Rummager Saph.png Troop Underworldicon.png Dwarf, Warlock
Scraptooth Cackler Ruby.png Troop Neutral Gnoll
Scrios Forgefist Ruby.png Troop Underworldicon.png Dwarf, Mage
Scrios Turbine Shardless Artifact - Turbine
Sepulchra Warden Saph.png Troop Underworldicon.png Necrotic, Mage
Shardcall Dia.png Basic Action - -
Shrink Saph.png Basic Action - -
Skaldeer Brawler Ruby.png Troop Underworldicon.png Dwarf, Warrior
Sparklecap Wild.png Troop Neutral Shroomkin
Taint Blood.png Quick Action - -
Theorize Saph.png Basic Action - -
Treat Machine Shardless Artifact - -
Vandalize Ruby.png Quick Action - -
Verdict of the Ancient Kings Saph.png Quick Action - -
Vine Lash Wild.png Quick Action - -
War Brute Shardless Artifact, Troop Neutral Robot
Xamahuac Slayer Ruby.png Troop Ardenticon.png Orc, Cleric
Zephyr Shaman Dia.png Troop Ardenticon.png Coyotle, Warlock
Zorzym Silkshot Saph.png Troop Underworldicon.png Vennen, Ranger

Launch Build Up

Pre Spoiler Season

Spoiler Season

In this time cards are spoiled daily on twitch streams, various websites and in articles. Only the major hextcg articles will be listed though smaller articles were posted inbetween.