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This page is about the shin'hare in game representation. For lore and background information, see Shin'hare (lore).

"Death is a game. I win every time." - Yazukan

The literature by the elders of House Moon'ariu emphasizes redemption through sacrifice.

Racial Abilities

  • Cute and Fuzzy - Shin'hare start with an additional +3 Starting Life.
  • Expendable Lives - A random troop in your opening hand gets: "1Shot: Deathcry - Put this into play."
  • Overwhelm - [Level 15 Required] - At the start of the game, create a random 1-cost shin'hare and put it into play if you won the last dungeon encounter this dungeon run.

Shard Alignment

Shinhare shardgrid.png


Shin'hare Warrior

Relentless and persistant, Shin'hare warriors use Wild and Blood to overwhelm their opponents with sheer numbers. Their natural agility allows them to use their Battle ability much more often then other warriors.

Shin'hare Cleric

Shin'hare clerics are tenacious and able to survive many grim situations simply by being able to create endless numbers of troops. Starting with an impressive 25 health, shin'hare clerics are able to produce many troops quickly and use these troops to fuel their plans. Additionally, they are extremely resilient - able to potentially suffer up to 6 losses in a dungeon before being knocked out.

Shin'hare Mage

The bunny mages mitigate their primary disadvantage a bit with a bonus 3 health, bringing their starting health up to 17. With access to the destructive blood shard as well as the troop-centric wild shard, shin'hare mages focus on playing troops while simultaneously destroying their opponents. Their racial spell is particularly useful, granting shin'hare the ability to immediately destroy any troop at the cost of giving their opponent a free card.

Shin'hare Ranger

Shinhare Rangers are often explorers and masters of the wilderness, using their uncanny hiding ability to remain hidden and get the drop on their opponents. Knowledgable about the jungles in which they make their home, the Shin'hare are skilled alchemists and poisoners, using their shroomkin slaves as living factories of poison. The Racial Pet for Shin'hare is the Shroomkin, a 1/1 Lethal troop capable of taking down even the toughest foes.


Aggressive, psychopathic, cute, fluffy samurai bunnies. Shin'Hare spawn small bunnies that are either used as blood magic sacrifice to power-up other cards or temporarily buffed for the grand assault.

Shin'hare Starter Deck

The Shin'hare starter deck is a combination of Wild and Blood shards. The aim is to swarm the playing field with bunnies that are then buffed using various cards for an all out death-or-glory attack.


Champion: Monika'shin

Amount Card Name Rarity
3 Shin'hare Militia Common
3 Blood Bearer Common
3 Moon'ariu Sensei Common
3 Shroomshaw Common
3 Boulder Brute Common
3 Runts of the Litter Common
3 Wild Growth Common
3 Murder Common
2 Bucktooth Commander Uncommon
2 Rune Ear Commander Uncommon
2 Gigantisaur Uncommon
1 Onslaught Rare
1 Wretched Brood Rare
1 The Mushwocky Rare

Unique and Notable Shin'Hare

Shin'Hare Keywords and Specialities

The Shin'Hare do not yet have a unique keyword, however they share tunneling with the Dwarves and make use of the rage keyword as well. Even though very few troops have the keyword crush naturally, crush is an important keyword for many Shin'Hare decks. This is most commonly gained by using the Onslaught action.

There are two specialities of the Shin'Hare

1. Their ability to pump out Battle Hopper and then either use them in ritualistic sacrifices with cards such as The Mushwocky or Hop'hiro, Samurai.
2. Bring out many Battle Hopper and then buff them using Bucktooth Commander, Bucktooth Roshi, Bucktooth Bannerbunny, Onslaught and Evolve. Then attacking in one glorious swing.