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Type: Swiftstrike


Swiftstrike is a mechanic primarily found on Diamond and Ruby troops. A troop with Swiftstrike deals its damage before troops without swiftstrike. If this damage is enough to destroy the opposing troop in combat, that troop will not deal it's damage back.

QuickStrider.png VS FeralOgre.png

In this scenario, the Quick Strider would kill the Feral Ogre and survive. This is because the Quick Strider deals it's 2 damage to the Feral Ogre before Feral Ogre deals it's damage back to the Quick Strider, thanks to the Quick Strider's Swiftstrike. All troops with Swiftstrike deal their damage before troops without it.

Rule Clarifications

  • A troop killed by a troop with swiftstrike does not deal any damage in combat. Thus, effects like Crush or Lethal do not apply.
  • Two opposing troops with swiftstrike will deal their damage to each other at the same time, much like regular combat.
  • Swiftstrike does NOT apply to non-combat effects such as battling from Survival of the Fittest.