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Frost Ring Arena


The Frost Ring Arena was first launched 10th March 2015. Launching with:

  • 25 Standard Encounters (6 Tier 1 / 18 Tiers 2-4)
  • 7 Boss Encounters (1 Tier 1 / 6 Tiers 2-4)
  • 1 Rare Encounter
  • 20 collectible PvE cards
  • 30 AI exclusive cards
  • 162 equipment
  • 3 Sleeves

Several bugs were fixed in the following months and Common, Uncommon, rare and Legendary Stardust were added to the loot tables when Set 3: Armies of Myth launched which included the addition of Extended Art cards.

Update 1

On the 29th June 2017 the Arena got its first major update with the launch of Set 7: Frostheart. With the update came:

  • 10 Existing standard encounters being replaced with 10 new reworked versions (1 Tier 1 / 9 Tiers 2-4)
  • 1 Standard encounter removed (Tiers 2-4)
  • Updates to the remaining 14 standard encounters decks (4 Tier 1 / 9 Tiers 2-4)
  • 14 All new Standard encounters (All Tiers 2-4)
  • 2 Existing Boss encounters being replaced with 2 new reworked versions (Both Tiers 2-4)
  • 4 All new Boss encounters (All Tiers 2-4)
  • Updates to the remaining 5 boss encounters (1 Tier 1 / 4 Tiers 2-4)
  • Added Elite versions of all the Tier 2-4 encounters.
  • 1 New rare encounter
  • 32 new Collectible PvE cards
  • 3 new AI exclusive cards
  • Updates to the existing AI exclusive cards.
  • 199 new Equipment
  • 1 Animated Alternate Art card
  • 2 new Sleeves to collect

This brought the totals for the FRA to:

  • 38 Standard encounters (6 Tier 1 / 32 Tiers 2-4)
  • 11 Boss encounters (1 Tier 1 / 10 Tiers 2-4)
  • 42 Elite versions of the Tiers 2-4 encounters
  • 2 Rare Encounters
  • 52 Collectible PvE Cards
  • 33 AI Exclusive cards
  • 361 Equipment
  • 5 Sleeves

Update 1.5

On the 17th November 2017 the Arena got a smaller update with the launch of Set 8: Dead of Winter.

The update added equipment for cards from Set 8: Dead of Winter and adjusted some encounters to use cards from the set.

Update 2

On 16th March 2018 the Arena got another larger update with the launch of Set 9: Doombringer. With the update came:

  • 7 new Standard encounters
  • 1 new Boss encounter
  • Updates to existing encounters decks to use cards from the new set
  • 14 new Collectable PvE cards
  • 3 new AI exclusive cards
  • New equipment for the new PvE cards and cards from Set 9: Doombringer
  • A 20% increase in gold earned from encounters

This brought the totals for the FRA to:

  • 45 Standard encounters (6 Tier 1 / 39 Tiers 2-4)
  • 12 Boss encounters (1 Tier 1 / 11 Tiers 2-4)
  • 50 Elite versions of the Tiers 2-4 encounters
  • 2 Rare encounters
  • 64 Collectible PvE Cards
  • 38 AI Exclusive cards
  • Over 361 Equipment
  • 5 Sleeves

Playing the Frost Ring Arena

Decks to use in the Frost Ring are made in the regular deck manager meaning you can only use PvP Champions and not Campaign characters or Mercenaries. Once you start an Arena run you cannot change your deck without ending the run

The Arena is a gauntlet of encounters faced one after the other through 20 encounters spread through 4 tiers of 5 encounters each. The types of encounter you face will depend on the tier you face:

  • Tier 1 consists of 4 Standard encounters and 1 Boss encounter.
  • Tier 2 consists of 3 Standard Encounters, 1 Elite Encounter and 1 Boss Encounter.
  • Tier 3 consists of 2 Standard Encounters, 2 Elite Encounters and 1 Boss Encounter.
  • Tier 4 consists of 2 Standard Encounters, 2 Elite Encounters and 1 Elite Boss Encounter
    • An Elite encounter is a more powerful version of a regular encounter including a larger amount of health, more starting cards in hand, cards starting in play and reduction to the charge power cost.
  • Tier 1 has its own set of possible encounters.
    • Tier 1 encounters get a 7 health reduction at the start of the game with the message: "You're shivering. Not used to the cold? That must be it, I can't imagine it's from nerves. Very well, I'll give you a chance to warm up by subtracting 7 health from all your Tier One opponents. That should get your blood moving … or spilling."
  • Tiers 2-4 all share the same possible encounters.
  • The encounters you face are randomly selected when you start the Arena run.

The player can choose to leave the Arena at any time between the encounters if they do not want to finish the entire run at once.

You will be given any rewards you have earned when the run ends regardless of how the run ends.

An Arena run can end in 3 ways:

  • The player chooses to end the run
  • The player beats the final encounter of Tier 4
  • The player gets 3 lose marks

Losing a non-boss encounter will move you to the next encounter but losing to a boss will make you have refight the boss again.

Once per tier you will get a Challenge during a game. Winning a game with a Challenge will remove a lose mark from your record or if you have no lose marks will give you a Buff for the next boss encounter you fight.


The rewards from Arena include Gold, Stardust, Cards, Equipment and Sleeves.

The rewards system was updated with Update 1.

See Frost Ring Arena Drop List for the list of drops from the Arena.


Encounter Shards Type
Dragon Guard Stalwart Dia.png Standard
Mentor of the Grave Blood.png Standard
Oakhenge Druid Wild.png Standard
Psychotic Anarchist Ruby.png Standard
S.P.A.M. Bot Shardless Stanard
Storm Cloud Saph.png Stadard
Eternal Guardian Blood.pngDia.pngRuby.pngSaph.pngWild.png Boss

Encounter Elite Encounter Shards Type
Angel of Dawn Angel of Dawn Elite Dia.png Standard
Archon of Nulzann Archon of Nulzann Elite Blood.pngDia.pngRuby.pngSaph.pngWild.png Standard
Artisanal Cheesemythe Artisanal Cheesemythe Elite Wild.png Standard
Ashwood Transmuter Ashwood Transmuter Elite Ruby.pngSaph.png Standard
Avalanche Giant Avalanche Giant Elite Ruby.pngWild.png Standard
Blood Sphinx Blood Sphinx Elite Blood.pngSaph.png Standard
Bruiseberry Brewer Bruiseberry Brewer Elite Blood.pngRuby.pngWild.png Standard
Burly Botanist Burly Botanist Elite Wild.png Standard
Construct Foreman Construct Foreman Elite Ruby.png Standard
Darkspire Enforcer Darkspire Enforcer Elite Blood.png Standard
Dread Technomancer Dread Technomancer Elite Ruby.pngSaph.png Standard
Emberspire Witch Emberspire Witch Elite Ruby.png Standard
Field Medic Field Medic Elite Dia.pngWild.png Standard
Jovial Pippit Jovial Pippit Elite Saph.pngWild.png Standard
Lazgar's Bloodletter Lazgar's Blood Letter Elite Blood.pngRuby.png Standard
Lightning Skyhunter Lightning Skyhunter Elite Dia.pngSaph.png Standard
Loregoyle Curator Loregoyle Curator Elite Dia.pngSaph.png Standard
Lumagoth Lumagoth Elite Dia.pngRuby.png Standard
Lyrical Chanter Lyrical Chanter Elite Dia.pngWild.png Standard
Mad Packmaster Mad Packmaster Elite Ruby.pngWild.png Standard
Malice Demon Malice Demon Elite Blood.pngRuby.png Standard
Mesa Caretaker Mesa Caretaker Elite Dia.pngSaph.pngWild.png Standard
Midnight Gatherer Midnight Gatherer Elite Blood.pngDia.pngRuby.pngSaph.pngWild.png Standard
Moon'ariu Sensei Moon'ariu Sensei Elite Blood.pngDia.png Standard
Moonrise Elder Moonrise Elder Elite Dia.pngRuby.png Standard
Poet of Gla'aki Poet of Gla'aki Elite Blood.pngSaph.png Standard
Reaper Bot Reaper Bot Elite Shardless Standard
Rowdy Piper Rowdy Piper Elite Dia.pngSaph.pngWild.png Standard
Seaweed Behemoth Seaweed Behemoth Elite Saph.pngWild.png Standard
Shillelagh Bully Shillelagh Bully Elite Dia.pngWild.png Standard
Sly Huntress Sly Huntress Elite Dia.pngRuby.png Standard
Timestep Magistrate Timestep Magistrate Elite Dia.pngSaph.png Standard
Tormented Locksmith Tormented Locksmith Elite Saph.png Standard
Twilight Archon Twilight Archon Elite Blood.pngDia.png Standard
Twilight Revenant Twilight Revenant Elite Blood.pngDia.png Standard
Upgrade Technician Upgrade Technician Elite Ruby.pngSaph.png Standard
Violet's Attendant Violet's Attendant Elite Blood.png Standard
Voice of D'endrrah Voice of D'endrrah Elite Blood.pngRuby.pngSaph.png Standard
Wild Root Dancer Wild Root Dancer Elite Dia.pngWild.png Standard
Doombringer Kha Doombringer Kha Elite Dia.pngRuby.pngSaph.png Boss
Eurig the Robomancer Eurig the Robomancer Elite Ruby.pngSaph.png Boss
His Majesty, King Gabriel His Majesty, King Gabriel Elite Dia.pngRuby.pngSaph.png Boss
Hogarth, Master of the Arena Hogarth, Master of the Arena Elite Saph.png Boss
Lanupaw Lanupaw Elite Dia.pngSaph.pngWild.png Boss
Myrym Myrym Elite Blood.pngDia.png Boss
Periwinkle Periwinkle Elite Ruby.pngWild.png Boss
Phenteo Phenteo Elite Blood.pngSaph.png Boss
Princess Cory Princess Cory Elite Blood.pngDia.pngRuby.pngSaph.pngWild.png Boss
Uzume, Grand Concubunny Uzume, Grand Concubunny Elite Blood.pngWild.png Boss
Zanya Bloodfist Zanya Bloodfist Elite Blood.pngRuby.png Boss

Available on encounter 4 of tier 2 and all non-boss encounters of tiers 3 and 4.

Encounter Shards Rewards
Uruunaz Blood.png Dragon's Hoard:
Zakiir the Flameborn Ruby.png Zakiir's Hoard:

Encounter Shards Type Notes
Avenging Angel Dia.png Tier 2-4 Standard Replaced by Angel of Dawn
Ballistics Expert Ruby.pngSaph.png Tier 2-4 Standard Replaced by Upgrade Technician
Eldritch Dreamer Saph.png Tier 2-4 Standard Replaced by Lightning Skyhunter
Gobbelglade Witch Wild.png Tier 1 Standard Replaced by Oakhenge Druid
Hero of Adamanth Dia.pngSaph.png Tier 2-4 Standard Replaced by Timestep Magistrate
Nelebrin Scout Wild.png Tier 2-4 Standard Replaced by Artisanal Cheesemythe
Paladin of Naagaan Blood.pngDia.png Tier 2-4 Standard Replaced by Twilight Revenant
Ruby Enchantress Ruby.pngSaph.png Tier 2-4 Standard Replaced by Ashwood Transmuter
Sniper of Gawaine Dia.pngRuby.png Tier 2-4 Standard Replaced by Sly Huntress
War Bot Shardless Tier 2-4 Standard Replaced by Reaper Bot
Xarlox the Brood Priest Blood.pngSaph.png Tier 2-4 Boss Replaced by Phenteo
Zodiac Shaman Dia.pngSaph.pngWild.png Tier 2-4 Standard Removed with no replacement
Zoltog Blood.pngRuby.png Tier 2-4 Boss Replaced by Zanya Bloodfist

Card Shards Type
Acolyte of Pain Blood.png Troop
Annihilix Ode Dia.pngRuby.png Troop
Bertram Cragraven Saph.png Troop
Boundless Imagination Shardless Basic Action
Bun'jitsu Blood.png Troop
Dread Fiend Blood.png Troop
Dreamer's Vision Saph.png Basic Action
Dreaming Fox Saph.png Troop
Fahrny Ruby.png Troop
Grandfather Elk Wild.png Troop
Implode Blood.png Quick Action
Ingenuity Shardless Basic Action
Inquisitor Thist Blood.png Troop
Kranok Blood.png Troop
Lady Elizabeth Dia.png Troop
Lady Valerie Wild.png Troop
Lionel Flynn Ruby.png Troop
Monika'shin Wild.png Troop
Obliteron Solis Dia.pngSaph.png Troop
Palamedes Dia.png Troop
Poca, the Conflagrater Ruby.png Troop
Relentless Assault Shardless Basic Action
Rite of Thrygg Blood.png Constant
Strength in Numbers Shardless Basic Action
Tetzot, Son of Omoc Ruby.png Troop
To the King! Shardless Basic Action
Twisted Conversion Blood.png Quick Action
Volcanic Behemoth Blood.png Troop
Web of Death Blood.png Quick Action
Winged Terror Blood.png Troop
Winter Moon Saph.pngWild.png Troop
Word of Xentoth Shardless Basic Action
Wrath of Kha Dia.pngRuby.pngSaph.png Basic Action
Wyatt the Sapper Saph.png Troop
Zared Venomscorn Blood.png Troop


One non-boss encounter in each tier may have a random challenge. If the encounter is defeated when the challenge is active, the player receives a buff in the next boss battle. If the player has lost one or more lives when the encounter is defeated, a life will be added instead. with the message "You accepted my challenge and prevailed. I suppose you want a lolipop as a reward? Sorry, I'm fresh out. Instead, I have removed a strike from your arena record. I want you to hang around a bit longer for my amusement."

Some challenges will be active for the entire encounter while others active part way through the encounter.

Hogarth makes an appearance, giving the opponent a free turn.

Challenge Description Hogarth Message
Banner Challenge Both players start the game with a random banner in play. New as of Set 7. You're still alive? I must say this is a bit unexpected. Well if you're going to keep fighting, the spectators should at least be able to identify you. Allow me to provide each competitor with a banner. Don't worry, I took these from some other competitors who didn't quite make it.
Bellow Challenge Your opponent starts this game with Bellow of the Arena in play. Feeling Hopeful are you? I can sense your cold confidence. Maybe your adversaries need a bit of a confidence boost too. A blast from the arena horn should be enough to thaw out those laggards.
Blizzard Challenge Your opponent starts this game with a Blizzard in play. Is it getting too warm in here? But this is the Frost Ring Arena, we can't have that! Why don't I take care of this by conjuring up a nice snow storm for us all to enjoy? Great! Now you keep fighting for your life, while I go chill out over there.
Clash of Steel Challenge Your opponent played Clash of Steel. The ice man cometh! Did you miss me? Well I've been watching and things were getting messy, so I felt like it was time for a nice clash to simplify things. Make sure to hold onto your best option for survival, and stay frosty out there. Ha!
Coffins Challenge Your opponent starts this game with Closed Coffins in play. With all of the killing and carnage, the corpses are really starting to build up around here. How about we seal the crypt shut while I tidy things up a bit? I've got just the spell to dispose of these remains.
Fractured Challenge Your opponent starts this game with Frostheart Fractured in play. Curse that vexing Lixil for her interference! All the blood shed for my ritual was meant to shatter this accursed gem completely. Yet her intrusion left it merely fractured! Now we will all suffer the consequences…
Fulmination Challenge Your opponent starts this game with Cerebral Fulmination in play Not everyone can be born a genius. I understand that some folks need a bit of help in the brains department. You did manage to remember to put your pants on this morning, did you? Well done. Well done indeed!
Gooplasm Challenge Your opponent starts this game with a Gooplasm in play. It's time for a surprise. You know me as Hogarth, Master of the Arena, but did you know that I am also a Wizard of the Highest order? Let me introduce you to one of my latest arcane conjurations. Release the goo!
Mastery of Time Challenge Your opponent played Mastery of Time. Dear me, I don't like how this game is going, not one bit. I've decided to give your opponent an extra turn, which is perfectly legal according to the Frost Ring rules that I made up just now
Might Makes Right Challenge Your opponent starts this game with a Might Makes Right in play. In the arena, as in life, the strong make the rules. Tjhat's why I'm the one in charge, of course. But let's see how your might compares to that of your adversary, shall we?
Primordial Challenge Your opponent starts this game with Primordial Caves in play It's time to raise the excitement to prehistoric levels! How about we throw a few dinosaurs into the mix? That should get the crowd going. Maybe I could even sell some dinosaur hats to the spectators…
Reflection Challenge Both players start this game with Locket of Reflection in play. How do you care for my frozen arena? Allow me to give things a smooth new coat of reflective sheen. The ice is so nice… you will be seeing things twice!
Runic Challenge All actions have Runic. Not backing down yet? You must have ice in your veins. Actually, I'd like to verify that. Let's use some runic magic to amplify everyone's actions for double the run. This is sure to get the blood flowing, in more ways than one.
Soothing Song Challenge Your opponent gained 7 health and drew two cards. My mother would ask me, "Gerhardt, why did I let your father talk me into naming you Gerhardt?" She would also tell me, "Shut up and eat your vegatables!" And she was right. I think proper nourishment is crucial…for your opponent.
Tunneling Challenge Your opponent starts this game with a secret tunneled card in play. Did you step into the arena today with a meticulously planned strategy? Well, I can't have that. I'm going to start this game with a tunneling troop ready to pop up and eat you. Is this cheating? Yes. Do I care? No.

Challenge Description Hogarth Message Notes
Command Tower Challenge Your opponent starts this game with a Command Tower in play. Arena Audiences have the attention span of a baby yeti. I'm going to juice up your opponent's troops just to make sure this game doesn't drag out too long… Replaced by the Bellow Challenge
Headless Challenge Your opponent played a Headless Executioner. Can you imagine what it must be like to live your life without a head? Well, depending on how the rest of this fight goes, you might not have to imagine it. Removed with no replacement
Hidden Traps Challenge You and your opponent now have six Booby traps in each of your decks. My friend, Mulug, has spent the past few thousand years as a frozen head, unable to move or speak. I'm sure you can imagine that when I found him, Mulug was a touch crank. To honor my orc friend's irascible disposition, I want to see you get angry! Removed with no replacement
Inferno Challenge Your opponent starts This game with Inferno in Play. I've officially had my fill of folks complaining about the cold. This place is called the Frost Ring, after all. What did you people expect? Still, let nobody accuse Hogarth of indifference to the needs of the rabble. You want heat? You got it! Removed with no replacement
Prosperity Challenge Your opponent starts this game with Shrine of Prosperity in play You happen to have caught me in a prosperous mood. For this next battle, I'm going to give your opponent a gift straight from Iljun, the Primal of Prosperity. And what am I going to give you? Why, nothing, of course. Replaced with the Might Makes Right Challenge


If you complete a Challenge without having a lose strike on the run you will get a buff. The buff you earn will appear in the next boss fight. It is possible to have 2 buffs for one boss battle if the previous tiers challenge happened to appear on the boss.

The different Buffs can be one of the following:

  • Brawler Buff - You start the game with an Arena Brawler in play.
    • "Mulug tells me that you fight with the tenacity of an orc. As a reward, for your next boos fight, you will start the game with an Arena Brawler in play."
  • Charge Buff - You start the game with 2 extra charges.
    • "If you were trying to impress me, I am loath to admit, you succeeded. As a reward, for your next boss fight, you will start the game with 2 charges."
  • Health Buff - You start the game with 5 extra health.
    • "Now, that's how you conquer a challenge! As a reward, for your next boss fight, you will start the game with 5 extra health."
  • Resource Buff - You start the game with <1/1>.
    • "My my, you are a resourceful one, no? As a reward, for your next boss fight, you will start the game with 1 resource in play"


The Frost Ring Arena is a nearly complete building located north in the Hyperborean Mountains. It was built by the Order of the Frost Ring - a sect of humans, elves and orcs - which went extinct when the meteor Hex hit the planet in close proximity before the arena could be finished. Spirits of the fallen Order were drawn to the arena when a large sapphire from the meteor landed on the arena floor. The original intent for the arena is currently unknown.

The arena is inhabited by Gerhardt Hogarth, a former student at the Great Academy of Cerulea, using the frozen spirits to challenge adventurers offering gold and glory to the victorious.

Gerhardt Hogarth

Gerhardt Hogarth is a former student at the Great Academy of Cerulea who is very interested in Hexing Gems. He was expelled due to an incident where three students were injured and Horagths left arm was lost. The incident was kept confidential due to a financial donation to the Academy from Hogarth's family.

Hogarth found the Frost Ring Arena while traveling the Hyperborean Mountains. Fascinated with the Arena he decided to dedicate his life to discovering the arena's secrets and the spirits haunting it. Using the magical ice found in the arena he rebuilt his missing arm. He discovered three sentinent frozen heads of former Order members which he stuck on a pike, becoming his companions, and together they finished building the Arena.

Additional Lore

Blightbark Burster: Blightbark Castle settled into the land surrounding the Frost Ring Arena, and as it did so, the trees began to change.

Coiling Nebulax: Portals continued to open around the Frost Ring Arena, and increasingly terrible things spilled forth.

Robo Gnoll: Flesh and blood or steel and wire, Locke threw everything he had at the arena.

Temporal Exile: Plagued by whispers. Void Star stalked Lixil across the arena. Then, with speed and guile, she pushed her through one of the mysterious portals.