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We are just about ready to head towards the third dungeon. However, there is one last thing we haven't covered so far: Account Levels!


Note: The Account Leveling System was released after this walkthrough was started, so my level/experience may not match yours.

Account Levels are gained simply by playing Hex. This includes Campaign, PvP, or the Frost Ring. Playing any of these modes will grant your account experience and allow you to gain additional rewards.


Each Level has its own reward which can be Gold, Booster Packs, Treasure Chests, Cards, or even Free entries into tournaments! In my screenshot above, you'll notice that there is a Daily Bonus XP and a Daily XP Cap. The Daily Bonus EXP is the amount of experience that can be earned at double the normal rate, while the XP Cap is the highest amount you can earn in a single day. The cap starts at 4000, and raises to 8000 at Account Level 20. If you've been following this guide from the beginning, you are probably already at level 2 or 3 and can earn your prize. Simply click "Claim Prize" to have your reward added to your stash. Easy-peazy! A full list of all rewards can be found here.

Now that that's out of the way, it's time to head for the Tomb of the Rose Knights! Leave the Cave-In or Ambling Mesa, and head towards Brink Ridge, located inbetween the two bridges. When you reach there, you will be confronted by a Blockade Guard who will refuse to allow you to pass. It is possible to bribe him, but it will cost you 1000 gold. You can choose to bribe him if you want to save yourself the hassle, or you can engage him in a tricky battle.

ENCOUNTER: Human Guard

TIP: This is a tricky encounter. There is no shame in bribing the guard if you can't quite beat it with your deck.


Beating up the Human Guard will net you a measly 200 EXP and 0 gold. What a cheapskate. In any case, head west and pick up the free card from the Shroomkin Haus you just unlocked.


After collecting your card, you'll notice the path splits. The left path leads to a few optional encounters while the east path will eventually loop around and head to our goal. if you want the extra experience and rewards, feel free to head left. I will be heading right to the Saramago Crater. Here, you'll encounter a member of the opposite faction being attacked by a horde of zombies. You have the option of saving them or letting them get destroyed by the zombies. Being a proud member of the Underworld, I chose to let the humans get eaten alive by zombies, but if you decide to help them, you'll start with a troop on your side of the board.


TIP: As noted above, some choices you make will impact how specific fights play out, as well as possibly influencing nodes in the future. Keep this in mind when making choices.


Cut through the Mob of Zombies to earn yourself another Howling Plains pack. Continue north into the Johannes Bog where you will come face to face with another opponent based on your faction.

ENCOUNTER: Furious Taskmaster or Brood Creeper


Fight your way through for another bit of coin and experience. Good work. We are rapidly approaching our destination!

For now this is the end of the New Player Guide. You can find more information on how the adventure continues in the Adventure Zone 1 overview.

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