The Road to the Tranquil Dream

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It's time to move on! Exit the Cave-In by clicking the top left button to leave the city. At this point we have quite a few unexplored nodes. You can choose to go wherever you would like, but I decided to make my way towards the Indigo River. Feel free to explore on your own if you wish.


If you'd like to follow along with me, go ahead and head west to the second bridge node. Here, you'll meet Wallace. He says the bridge is closed and... yes, this is a case of Déjà vu. Listen to his tale and you'll be presented with a new quest to Cross the Zodiac River. You can approach this one of two ways: by heading to the Shadowgrove to handle the Fae woman, or to try and cross the river by dealing with the Water Elementals. Either way is possible, but I'm going to head to the Shadowgrove so I can also complete the Cross the Zodiac River quest.

Head to the Shadowgrove and you'll find the Fae lass with quite the unpleasant disposition. Attempt to parley with her if you wish, but in the end it will come down to violence.


ENCOUNTER: Corrupted Dryad

TIP: Be wary of any cards with "random" effects like the Dryad's Seed Pod. It can grow into anything from a tiny 1/1 Bramble Creeper to a giant 9/9 Vine Goliath terror!

TIP: Look at several different ways to win the game when fighting an opponent. In this case, the Corrupt Dryad has a strong deck with many powerful troops, but her health total is only 15. It doesn't matter how many troops she has or what cards she has in her hand when her health reaches 0. You should always be working towards winning the game by any means necessary, so even if your deck is outclassed, smart play can win you the game.


After beating her up, you'll earn an Adventure Zone 1 pack and a piece of equipment. Don't forget to open the Pack and upgrade your deck as necessary. Once complete, head on back to Wallace with the news of the Dryad's demise. He'll lower the bridge and you'll be able to cross the bridge to speak with Warren about the Dryad's death. Once you have finished speaking with this... "special" gnome, you'll finish the Cross the Zodiac River quest and earn your final racial bonus card as well as another Adventure Zone 1 pack! Go ahead and add that bad boy to your deck and any other changes you need to do.

ARDENT ONLY: If you have been playing an Ardent race, at this point you'll have finally reached the city of Ambling Mesa. Go ahead and head in and speak to everyone you can in order to turn in your quest. At Ambling Mesa, you'll meet Feather Drifting who will ask you to head to the Indigo River Bend to speak with a Coyotle Elder. You will also get the quest to Defeat the Sea Hag from the Caribaur. These quests mirror the Underworld's quests, so you should now be at the same point as this guide.

When you are ready, head north from where you are to the Moonrise Canyon. Here you'll encounter an Ambling Bluff opponent, but more importantly, you'll see some Fennec Foxes in this encounter to capture for the Tamed quest!


ENCOUNTER: Ambling Bluff

TIP: Even if you don't use the color of shard the Fennec Fox is, you should still capture one in order to satisfy the objective for the Tamed quest. You will get a reward once the quest is fully completed.

TIP: The Ambling Bluff can create a powerful attack force quickly. Make sure your starting hand is prepared to deal with a quick onslaught of troops.

Once you are done turning the Ambling Bluff into dust and catching the oddly adorable Fennec Foxes, your path should be clear towards the Indigo Riverbend. You should also have reached Level 3! Don't forget to spend your extra talent point to increase your power. Once you have done so, you should be ready to face the Indigo River Bend... which will be your first dungeon!

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