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Currently, Hex: Shards of Fate has 5 different on-demand PvP queues and 10 scheduled tournaments. A quick overview can be found in the Hex Tournament Quick Start Guide by SilentSnake.

Whenever you encounter a game-breaking bug or a disconnect bug during a tournament with paid entry, report this with details to HEX Support (support accounts are independent from your HEX accounts and thus need to be registered separately). If you do, you will usually receive a replacement entry ticket for the same kind of tournament afterwards.

On-demand PvP queues

For Constructed, there is a Ranked Constructed Ladder for the Standard format and a HexPrimal Immortal Queue (which does not count towards a ladder) for the Immortal format.

Limited formats are gauntlet tournaments throughout. This concept was introduced with the Armies of Myth set. The gauntlets are designed to allow players to play tournaments in HEX, on a match by match basis. After each match, players have the luxury to exit the tournament and then rejoin at a later time. Every time you join a Gauntlet, you play for a maximum of 5 wins or 3 losses (Sealed Deck, Evolving Sealed) / 3 matches (Draft). When either of the thresholds have been met, your tournament ends and you will be given your prize(s) based on your wins. Winning and losing in any limited format (Evolving Gauntlet, Sealed Gauntlet, Draft Gauntlet), will automatically register for your Limited Ladder position. Here you can win stars, ranks and prizes in the same method as on the constructed ladder (details see below).

Ranked Constructed Ladder


The Ranked Constructed Ladder is for Standard (Standard consists of the latest 4 (for even sets) or 5 (for odd sets) cards and latest set of gems only) format decks and you can play without having to pay any entry fees.

It consists of 5 divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Cosmic. Each division except for Cosmic is split into 5 tiers (V through I). Your division and tier is your rank (e.g. Silver III).


Players progress through ranks by playing matches. Each match win results in a star and each match loss results in a loss of a star. Win streaks are rewarded with additional stars to accelerate players to their “correct” rank. You receive an extra star for winning two matches in a row and two extra stars for winning three matches in a row and for every match after until the streak is interrupted. Additionally, if you win a match 2-0 you will earn an additional star.

Players are matched against opponents with similar ranks, best-of-3 games are played. To avoid delays in matching, if we don’t have an opponent for you with a similar rank, we start widening the search for an opponent.

Bronze division is special. Once you graduate out of Bronze division, you cannot go back down into it for the season. Similarly, once you reach Cosmic division in the season, you can not go back down to Platinum for the season.

The Cosmic division can accomodate any time of players, with each being assigned a number, and the top 100 are always shown on the ingame Cosmic leaderboard. So for Cosmic, you can be Cosmic 1, Cosmic 20, Cosmic 100, Cosmic 350 and so on. Cosmic ranks are assumed to be derived from a combination of a player's ELO and MMR. Cosmic matchmaking prioritizes similar MMR matches, with the search becoming wider as time spent in queue increases.

Ladder rewards include Plinths (automaticaly updating to show your highest division and only for the current Season), sleeves (rewarded at the end of each Season based on where you finished), Gold, Alternate Art cards and PvP packs from the most recent set.

The ladder resets every 2 months. Players that finished the season at a certain level and above are given a short boost at the begining of a new season (e.g. a Cosmic player may start the new season already at Silver I and be automaticaly given all rewards between Bronze 5 and Silver I) in order to avoid help the matchmaking system pair them with equaly strong opponents.

More details can be found in the ladder announcement and the ladder FAQ

HexPrimal Immortal Queue


The HexPrimal Immortal Queue is for Immortal format (non-rotating, all sets allowed unless a specific card or gem is banned) decks and requires no fee to play.

You are matched with players that join at the same time in best-of-3 matches.

Each win will earn you a HexPrimal Immortal Ticket.

20 HexPrimal Immortal Tickets are required to join the bimonthly HexPrimal Immortal Championship Series.

More details can be found in the announcement.

Evolving Gauntlet


The Evolving Gauntlet is a sealed format that costs 500 Plat.png (or two packs and 100 Plat.png entry fee) to enter. The packs used to enter must both be of the latest set (for odd sets) or 1 from the latest and 1 from the previous set (for even sets). Alternatively, you can enter for free with an Evolution Sealed Entry ticket, which can be obtained during Account Leveling and from HEX Streamer raffles.

Next to the contents of the two packs that you enter with, you’ll also be granted three packs of Common and Uncommon cards to help you build a 40-card minimum deck. During even sets, two of these “Rareless” packs will be of the most recent set and one of them will be the set before the most recent set. During odd sets, all these "Rareless" packs will originate from the same set.

The thing that makes Evolving Gauntlet truly special is how you earn prizes. Unlike Sealed Deck Gauntlet, which rewards you an additional pack per win at the end of your run, Evolving Gauntlet buffs your available card pool during your run. Like Sealed Deck Gauntlet, you can completely rebuild your deck from your sealed pool in-between matches, including swapping your champion. Use these new cards and make your existing deck more powerful or completely change your build around a newfound legendary card!

Booster packs awarded are always of the most recent set:

  • 1st Win – Opened booster pack in your Evolving Sealed Pool
  • 3rd Win – Opened booster pack in your Evolving Sealed Pool
  • 5th Win – One booster Pack

Each time you earn an opened pack, you’ll be presented with a window showing you the new cards added to your evolving sealed pool. From there, you’ll be able to rebuild your deck.

You will only be matched against opponents with the same number of opened packs and wins. Evolving Gauntlet matches are best-of-1.

You play for a maximum of 5 wins or 3 losses. When either of the thresholds have been met, your tournament ends and you will be given your prize(s) based on your wins.

More details can be found in the Evolving Gauntlet announcement.

Sealed Gauntlet


The fee for entering Sealed is 1400 Plat.png (or 6 of the required packs and 200 Plat.png). The packs used to enter must all be of the latest set (for odd sets) or 4 from the latest and 2 from the previous set (for even sets). Alternatively, you can enter for free with an Sealed Queue Entry ticket, which can be obtained from HEX Streamer raffles.

Here, you open 6 packs and create a deck from their contents with a minimum of 40 cards.

You will be matched with opponents that have the same number of wins. Sealed Gauntlet matches are best-of-3 with the opportunity to sideboard in-between games.

After every game, you can adjust your deck.

You play for a maximum of 5 wins or 3 losses. When either of the thresholds have been met, your tournament ends and you will be given your prize(s) based on your wins.

  • 1st Win – One unopened booster Pack
  • 2nd Win - One unopened booster Pack
  • 3nd Win - One unopened booster Pack
  • 4th Win - One unopened booster Pack
  • 5nd Win - Two unopened booster Packs

Draft Gauntlet


You can enter a Draft Gauntlet with 700 Plat.png or up to three packs (3 packs of the latest set during odd sets, 2 packs of the latest set and 1 pack from the previous set during even sets), each pack reducing the cost to enter by 200 Plat.png each. Alternatively, you can enter for free with an Draft Gauntlet Entry ticket, which can be obtained during Account Leveling and from HEX Streamer raffles.

Draft Gauntlet starts by selecting the tournament queue and joining the lobby. From here, you’ll wait until a full 8 players enter the queue. Once all 8 players enter the draft, the drafting portion will begin automaticaly. Here, you will open your pack, pick one of the cards within a set time limit, pass it to the player "next" to you and wait until everyone has done the same, then rince and repeat. The time limit will be shorter the fewer cards are left in the pack you have to choose from. Note that the 2nd pack will be passed the other way compared to 1st and 3rd packs (eg, if you pass the 1st pack to the player in your left, the second will be passed the the player in your right, then the third to the one in the left again). The process ends when all 8 players have drafted 51 cards. Then, once everyone has selected their last card, you’ll be automaticaly taken to the Draft Gauntlet Tournament screen.

This tournament screen has many similarities to the other gauntlets in HEX, but it has one key difference. The record counter at the bottom has a few modifications. In a Draft Gauntlet, rather than playing up to seven matches like you would in a sealed (competing to earn five wins or three losses), you instead cap out at three matches, similar to an traditional draft tournament. You are removed from the Draft Gauntlet after either completing three matches or losing two.

  • 3 Wins = 6 unopened booster Packs
  • 2 Wins = 2 unopened booster Packs
  • 1 Win = random Rare from the most recent set
  • 0 Wins = no reward

More details can be found in the Draft Gauntlet announcement

Kismet's Draft

Kismet's Draft.png

Kismet's Draft is a special draft format where the packs used to enter and the packs won are Kismet Draft Packs instead of the regular limited rotation packs. All the cards contained within the packs consist of cards between from sets 3 through 7.

In additional to the regular draft-gauntlet rewards the Kismet's Draft also adds 6 Animated sleeves to the rewards. At 3 total wins across all Kismet Drafts the player will get 1 of the six sleeves at random. At 6,9,12,15 and 18 total wins the player will get another one of the 6 sleeves at random. The available sleeves are:

Scheduled Tournaments


All scheduled tournaments can be accessed via the "Special" tab at the top of the Battlegrounds and are tracked at the official tournament calendar.


Cosmic Crown Showdown - every 2 months - 2 day-tournament (Day 1: Standard Constructed, Day 2 (Top 8 from Day 1 only): Draft) where the top 64 of both Constructed and Limited ladders participate for free. 5,000$ cash prizes.


Hex Bash - weekly (Saturdays) - Standard Constructed, everyone can participate, 700 Plat.png entry fee, 1,000$ cash prizes.


Hex Clash - weekly (Sundays) - Sealed, everyone can participate, 6 packs + 300 Plat.png entry fee, 1,000$ cash prizes.


Platinum Plunder - irregularly - Standard Constructed, everyone can participate for free - 375,000 Plat.png prizes.


Fight Night - Two times per week on a flexible weekday and two times at Fridays - Rock Constructed (Only commons and uncommons allowed), everyone can participate, 3000 Gold.png entry fee, up to 2 packs of the current set as prizes.


Singles Night - Tuesdays (day rotates every month) - Singleton Standard Constructed (Only 1 copy per card allowed), everyone can participate, 100 Plat.png entry fee, exclusive AA's, up to 1 pack and 1 random rare of the current set as prizes.


HexPrimal Immortal Weekly - Tuesdays - Immortal Constructed, 300 Plat.png entry fee, up to 4 packs, exclusive AA's and tickets for the Immortal Championship as prizes.


HexPrimal Immortal Championship - Sundays, bimonthly - Immortal Constructed, 20 x Immortal Tickets entry fee (can be obtained in the Immortal queque or in the HexPrimal Immortal Weekly), up to $500 HexPrimal store credit as prizes.


Hex Invitational (first run in March 2016) - Day 1: Constructed, Day 2: Draft, Finals: Constructed - 100,000$ cash prizes.


Fiveshards - Arcanum Vault - two times a week - Standard Constructed - everyone can participate for free, variable prizes


The Fiveshards Weekly Series - two times a week - Standard Constructed - everyone can participate for free, variable prizes

VIP Tournaments

VIP tournaments occur monthly, their format changes each month from Constructed or Sealed or Draft. It requires a VIP ticket (on top of usual limited fees when joining a limited tournament), which is obtained from a VIP subscription. Next to the normal rewards, VIP tournaments offer VIP-exclusive alternate arts as prizes. A FAQ about VIP can be found here.