Underworld Crusader

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1st set: Herofall
Rarity: Rare
Type: Troop
Race: Necrotic
Class: Warrior
Faction: Underworld
Sockets: Minor
Thresholds: Blood.png
Cost: 3
Attack: 4
Defense: 4
Keyword(s): Deathcry
Current Price:
Current AA price:

Socketable Minor

Deckbuilding: You can include this in your deck only if it contains at least 10 differently names Underworldicon.png troops.

Deathcry - Draw two cards and lose 2 health.


Underworld Hacker

Rarity: Rare

Drop location: Any Herofall Chest

Slot: Head

Text: Your Underworld Crusaders instead have, "Deathcry - Draw a card and lose 1 health for each different Underworldicon.png race you control."

Average Price:

Alternate Art

The Alternate Art Underworld Crusader can be obtained by reaching levels 72, 73, 74 and 75 in the Account Leveling system.


Herofall - Joel Lagerwall

Alternate Art - Carl Ellis

Lore Text

"The Underworld seeks not to conquer, but to craft a new world free of weakness and sentiment."

Additional Lore