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Verdict is a keyword mechanic introduced with the Set 8: Dead of Winter set. It is a core mechanic of the Twilight Host cards, and thus is found in every shard type with the exception of diamond.

In the Halls of Twilight.png

Whenever you Verdict, the game will choose one Light Verdict and one Dark Verdict to present to your opponent. They then have to choose which effect will happen. One will be good for the player playing with the Verdict cards, the other will be bad for the enemy player playing against the Verdict cards (One Light verdict and one Dark Verdict). The effects are as follows:

Light Verdicts

  • Each opposing champion draws a card.
  • Each opposing champion summons a Phantom.
  • Each opposing champion summons a Daybreak.
  • Opposing troops get +1[ATK]/+1[DEF].
  • Each opposing champion puts a random troop from their crypt into their hand.

Dark Verdicts

  • Discard a random card.
  • Sacrifice a troop you control.
  • Each opposing champion summons a Nightfall.
  • Troops you control get -1[ATK]/-1[DEF].
  • Sacrifice an artifact or constant you control.

For each of these Verdict effects, the HEX client intelligently chooses ones which are relevant to your game. For example, if your opponent makes you Verdict and you don’t have an artifact or constant in play, you will not be shown the Dark Verdict choice to sacrifice a constant. Similarly, if your opponent doesn’t control any troops, you won’t be able to give their troops +1[ATK]/+1[DEF]. The Twilight Host will have you choose a different sentence instead.