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It's time to take care of a few of these sidequests! Your map should be rapidly filling up with different flags and locations that we haven't been to yet. Astute players may have already noticed the quest objective that appears to be in the middle of the river. Let's travel there now and see what that encounter is all about.


We are up against a Water Elemental - but you'll also be informed that this location is the site of another catchable troop to add to our collection: the deadly Bubblebee! It's time to extinguish the Water Elemental and catch ourselves a bee!


ENCOUNTER: Water Elemental

TIP: The Water Elemental plays many troops with Flight. Use your own fliers, or troops with Skyguard to protect yourself from them.

Defeating the Water Elemental will earn you a nice stipend of gold, but more importantly...


If you've been following this guide, you should have reached level 4 by now! You'll spend that talent point in a minute however, since your character has more pressing needs as you are forced downstream by the dying elemental! You'll be forced to follow the river path which will land you at a node in the north where you will be attacked by Fae Tricksters!


ENCOUNTER: Fae Tricksters

TIP: The Fae Tricksters tend to use their charge power of Transformation to turn potentially useful cards in your hand into other random cards. This is a double-edged sword because you can get literally any card in the game.

Shooing away the Tricksters earns you an Adventure Zone 1 pack and a small amount of experience.


The River will loop around and deposit you near to where you started. Now that you are once again free to move about, go ahead and spend your talent point you got for reaching level 4. You should be able to begin reaching some of the talents in the 2nd row at this point, so if you see a talent that interests you, feel free to click the Reset Talent Points button and reassign your talent points how you would like.

You should see a quest objective near you in the woods, but we're going to ignore this one for now. Instead, click and drag your map towards the northeast section of the map where you first entered the world map. You'll notice a node that wasn't there before which leads towards the Horwich Sea. Go ahead and travel there where you'll be confronted by an angry Manti.


ENCOUNTER: Mind-Controlled Manti

Beating up the Manti will earn you yet another Adventure Zone Pack. Open it up and continue towards the sea to face one of the toughest challenges you've faced thus far. The Hag Sorceress is no push-over and you may need to make several attempts to beat her. Luckily, as she is not part of a dungeon, you can try as many times as you like. If you feel like cards that wouldn't normally be effective here would make your deck have an easier time, definitely consider playing them even if you need to take them out of the deck later.


ENCOUNTER: Hag Sorceress

TIP: Arguably the hardest encounter you've faced thus far, the Hag Sorceress will likely require multiple revisions to your deck to best figure out a strategy to defeat her. Don't get discouraged if you lose multiple times; she is a tough battle even for veteran players.

TIP: The Enchanted Frog can be reverted with any card that causes reversion to earn a nice diamond card. However, this is completely optional and new players are recommended to wait until they are higher level to attempt this, as your deck can ill afford to waste turns reverting an optional bonus.

When you finally do defeat the Hag, you are rewarded with a nice chunk of gold as well as an adventure zone pack. With the Hag dead, return once-more to the Cave-In or Ambling Mesa and turn in the quest. You'll be rewarded with yet another nice pile of gold and TWO Adventure Zone 1 packs for your trouble. Score! Another character will show up in town with the Blood Beneath quest. Go ahead and grab it. We are now ready to continue our adventure to find the Army of Myth.

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