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Keystone Ability: Battle - You can deal damage to a specific troop which deals it's damage back to you. This can be useful to destroy troublesome troops directly or to clear a path for your troops to attack.


  • Oriented towards aggressive decks with talents that make your troops faster and stronger.
  • Durable class that can start with 25 to 30 health.
  • Can deal damage directly to the opponent with Battle ability to help end games.
  • Enjoys dealing damage with a wide variety of ways to make it easier to do so.


  • One Less Card - Starting hand is only 6 cards.
  • Inconsistency - A lower hand size means you get hands that often contain only one or two resources.

Human Warrior

Human Warriors are valorous knights of the three human kingdoms. Their focus on three shards makes them very adaptive to both aggressive strategies and sustainable combat by granting them access to troops that work together well.

Orc Warrior

Orc Warriors honor Kog'tepetl with their focus on enraged troops. Their aggressive focus on Ruby and Blood shards makes them great candidates for heavily aggressive decks that can destroy foes in only a few turns.

Coyotle Warrior

Coyotle Warriors are elite hunters, using the powers of Diamond, Sapphire, and Wild shards to defeat their foes. With access to some of the most durable troops in the game, Coyotle Warriors tend to pack a late-game punch with their prophecy ability.

Elf Warrior

Hearty Elven Warriors harness the power of Wild and Ruby shards to propel themselves towards powerful troops early. Able to play large troops very quickly, they seek to overwhelm their opponent with early Behemoths.

Necrotic Warrior

Necrotic Warriors are adaptive combatants, using the powers of many shards to shift around abilities. Their vampiric tendencies and mastery of many shards make them durable opponents in combat.

Dwarf Warrior

Dwarven Warriors are brawlers using Sapphire and Ruby shards to disrupt their opponents. With their armored body and mechanical weaponry, they tend to favor disruptive tactics to thwart enemy plans while hatching artifact plans of their own.

Shinhare Warrior

Relentless and Persistant, Shin'hare warriors use Wild and Blood to overwhelm their opponents with sheer numbers. Their natural agility allows them to use their Battle ability much more often then other warriors.

Vennen Warrior

Vennen Warriors try to disrupt their opponents long enough for their spider eggs to hatch. With Sapphire and Blood troops at their command, they are full of sly and cunning tricks to destroy their enemies.

From the human warrior knights of Gawaine to the orc gladiators who battle in the name of Kog’Tepetl to the shin’hare samurai, the warriors of the world spend their lives training and fighting. They excel in leading others, devising battle tactics, and being in the thick of any clash of steel and skill.